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Kannada Desi Utsav 2019

"The Students of Jain (Deemed-to-be University) bring Karnataka’s richness of food, culture, arts, and lifestyle under one roof." replace with The "Students of Jain (Deemed-to-be University) brought Karnataka’s richness of food, culture, arts, and lifestyle under one roof."

The cultural fest created awareness about the heritage and richness of Karnataka’s art, custom, culture, sports and more. The Chief Guests of the event, Dr. B. T. Venkatesh, Director, PU programs, Dr. Nalini Satishchandra, Principal, Jain College, Dr. Sreenivasaiah, Principal, Jain Evening College and other dignitaries inaugurated the event by rice hulling, the traditional way of husking rice grain. Karnataka has an incredible legacy of rich culture and heritage, which has been carried along with generations. Festivals, rituals, and other common practices remind every generation about the cultural richness and the need to preserve them. The legacy continues to reach millions of people by making them take part in the lineage of such celebrations. In general, traditional games are the means to carry forward the heritage of Karnataka. Traditional games are not about winning or losing, but it was the mode of learning various activities like focusing and making strategies to win the game. The time spent on playing games was meant to sharpen all senses and keep them active. Apart from the games, food, clothing was all inter-twined to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The richness was multifold then, and now the students of Jain (Deemed-to-be University) at Kannada Rajyothsavsa celebrations have brought it back to practice.

The one-day fest exhibited a range of desi food stalls and organized traditional games competitions like hopscotch, chowka bhara, chenne mane, and more for the students. The event was to make the students experience the essence of the village lifestyle. Eating competitions were conducted among the students insisting on healthy eating practices. Some of the remarkable traditional cuisines of Karnataka like raggi balls, kotte kadabu (food steamed in jackfruit leaves), darward peda (milk sweet made of milk and jaggery), girmit (puffed rice recipe) etc..were presented to show the richness of balanced food, which were passed on from our ancestors. The traditional games competitions for girls and boys were conducted, among which eating competitions fascinated the audience.