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Meet the HR Evangelist and Entrepreneurs

A HR event “Meet the HR Evangelists and Entrepreneurs” with the Theme - The Zeal of Entrepreneurship was organized by CMS Business School, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) as part of HR meets Series.

Eminent corporate speakers like Mr. Chandershekar, Founder CEO, FORUS Health; Mr. Sudhakar, CEO, AUTOMAT NetSoft Group; and Mr. Harish, General Manager, BOSCH were part of this event who stressed on Making of Entrepreneurs and the various Up-Dawn and challenges in the journey of Entrepreneurship.

Mr. Chandershekar, a successful entrepreneur, whose Company as a case will be appearing in the Harvard Business Review forth coming issue, stressed the need for 5 areas to be an Entrepreneur: Big Idea; Focused; Out of the Box thinking; Innovative approach; and Don’t give up so easily. He also advised students to look at every opportunity as a Business opportunity. Mr. Harish talked about the expectations of Corporate from a fresh MBA. All the corporate look for people, who are willing to take risk; move from the comfort zone and work to the fullest extent. He also said that, all the necessary skills and competency that the company looks for are to be with the students. Mr. Sudhakar, CEO, spoke about the need for looking at Global opportunity. There are lots of challenges in being an entrepreneur, and one has to face them maturely. He also said that, there is no need to have any prior background of entrepreneur to become an entrepreneur. One can gain all those skills in the journey.

Later, students posed questions in the area of: What if we fail several times, we still need to continue to try of give-up; What are the challenges to be an women Entrepreneur; What are the personality traits one should develop to be success; and on the issue of start-up India has and how are the opportunity.

The HR Area of CMS Business School has organized this HR series with the coordination of students and Dr. M M Bagli.