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Meet the HR Evangelists

"Meet the HR Evangelists" was organized by CMS Business School, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) with the theme ‘Trends and future of HR and what next skills and competency to be developed’.

The event was focused on understanding the future role of HR profession and the HR Professional contribution in the Strategic Development for the organisation. HR Professionals from various walks of life including Mr. Jeba Kumar, HR, Expert and Director- H.R. & Legal Services, Merit Matters Mr. Srinath, Vice President, Bill Clinton Foundation, India office, Mr. Sampatkumar B Aratti, Vice President and Head of HR & IT, Lapp India Pvt Ltd, Mr. Gopal Gubbi, Senior HR Expert, CEO-CloudHR Con. LLP, and Mr. Amith Prakash, HCL, Practice Lead, Employee Engagement, spoke on the occasion. They stressed on the need for developing the appropriate Skills and Competencies that the organization looks for in MBA students. They also gave practical examples of how the workplace is changing and the increased competition.

B-Schools impart the required knowledge that is needed to manage the organization, and the real time experience comes from such interaction.

All the HR Professional stressed on 3 things for the Management students to get ready:

  • Get more practical exposure and experience by getting real time projects to work with professionals in the organization
  • Keep reading the latest happenings in the profession and get ready with the increased expectations of the operate; and
  • Develop the required Skills and Competency that makes one success at the workplace.

At the end there was a Q&A sessions where students were given insights on Big Data; leadership; how we calculate the ROI and HR contribution; and the Future of HR as a Profession.