JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) News

Mr. Likith Shetty educated the Jain (Deemed-to-be University) students on the topic, Commercial Space & Planning

Mr. Likith Shetty, CEO & Founder at Ambiencia Architects & Interior Designers addressed the B.Sc - Interior Designing Students on the topic "Commercial Space & Planning". The session covered a lot of interesting interior designing topics in details. Some of the head points discussed by Mr. Likith on the needs and wants under the Commercial Space & Planning are listed below.

  • Commercial space planning & execution
  • Example of various places were taken its advantages & disadvantages were discussed
  • How budget plays an important role in designing
  • How to bring the customers’ expectations into reality
  • How to discuss and interact with customers of various backgrounds
  • Terrace café planning
  • Interacting with people who will execute the plans
  • Importance of Vastu in Construction
  • Placing of lighting
  • Color combination & its importance in Interiors
  • Placing of Elevators in commercial space
  • Importance of communication  to be designer
  • Importance of internship while doing the course