JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) News

Mr. Sanjay Thirumalai, Managing Director, Grant Thornton LLP had a session on "Future Proofing Your Career" with Jain (Deemed-to-be University) Students

Grant Thornton LLP is one largest professional services network of independent accounting and consulting firms in the world. From this prestigious company, Managing Director Mr. Sanjay Thirumalai came to Jain (Deemed-to-be University), to educate the students on the topic “Future Proofing Your Career”.

Mr. Sanjay Thirumalai started the session by explaining the term VUCA World (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). He explained the origins of the term and gave examples such as BREXIT to explain the topic. He then broadly classified the different “Disruptions” in the present as Climate change, oil price volatility, macro-economic instability, terrorism/conflict, migration crisis, political turmoil, cybercrimes, pandemics and technological led disruptions.

He went on further to explain the different types of technological led disruptions, which were artificial intelligence, robotics, 3 D printing, self-driving cars, gene editing, wearable’s, sharing economy, and the internet. Mr. Thirumalai gave a brief introduction to these with examples to explain them such as Google’s self-driving car, Uber and Paytm as examples of sharing economies. He then described how these categories were going to effect the future of the other industries such as automobile industry, healthcare industry, insurance industry and other related industries.

Mr. Sanjay Thirumalai educated the students on different topics such as advancement in robotics, artificial intelligence and the positive and negative aspects to such development. He then explained on how artificial intelligence would affect the future workforce of a company. A brief description of what the world would look like in the next 30 years was also given.

Mr. Thirumalai went on to explain more about artificial intelligence and how it has changed the present world. He also spoke on how with future developments it is going to affect the world’s economy. He gave the students examples such as WATSON which is an artificial intelligence created by IBM to improve the health care industry. He explained about ROSS which is a company which uses artificial intelligence in the legal industry, KENSHO which is an artificial intelligence which is being tested by Goldman Sachs.

After explaining the various “Disruptions”, that may occur in the future, Mr. Thirumalai told the students that they would have to create a diverse profile for themselves in order to stay relevant to the company or industry which the might find themselves in. He mentioned that people in the profession which require a lot of creativity, technicians / domain specialists, thinkers and leaders would have a better scope when they are paired with the artificial intelligence.

Mr. Sanjay Thirumalai told the students about the different measures such as universal basic income , which the government would have to resort to, if artificial intelligence were to be integrated into a common workplace / work environment.

Towards the end, he had a question and answer session where all of the quires of the students were answered and the session was ended with a quote. “The paradox of work is that many people hate their job but they are considerably more miserable doing nothing”.

Mr. Vishal Arora, Chief Manager – Corporate Relations thanked Mr. Sanjay Thirumalai for sharing his valuable inputs with the students.