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Paving The Way for a Sustainable Future with Emerging Technologies

Synopsis: The School of Sciences (Block II) hosted a national level webinar on 4 September 2020 on the topic of Materials and Instrumentation for Energy Conversion and Storage.

With the ever-increasing human population and the over-consumption of natural non-renewable resources, energy-related issues have been a huge cause of concern for decades. Hence, it has become imperative to accelerate the development of materials that enable energy storage and conversion. Efficient and effective energy storage methods play a crucial role in the cycle of a sustainable energy-harvesting process to the end-user.

This webinar explored the nuances of cyclic voltammetry instrument, preparation, and working of different electrodes, electrolyte systems, practical examples of electrode and electrolyte material preparation, and electrochemical characterization and synthesis of nanostructured inorganic materials for energy storage and conversion applications.

The webinar was hosted by Dr. Mayank Pandey, Assistant Professor from Kristu Jayanti College and Dr. Ashoka S., Assistant Professor - Dept. of Chemistry from Dayananda Sagar University Bengaluru.