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School of Sciences, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) Organized a Guest Lecture on ‘Hospital Acquired Infections’

As a part of ‘Words of Wisdom’ series, School of Sciences, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) organized a guest lecture on ‘Hospital Acquired Infections’ on 27 September, 2017 for M.Sc. Life Science students. The guest speaker of the day was Mrs. Geeta Bhat, Senior Microbiologist, Infection Control Officer, Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital.

Mrs. Bhatt, while beginning the session with an introduction to ‘Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)’ explained various means of spreading infections such as through healthcare staff, bed linens, contaminated equipment, air droplet etc. She also stated that these HAI are the major problems in the society which can be acquired in the hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation facility, outpatient clinic, or other clinical settings.

Mrs. Geetha briefly spoke about the transmission of pathogens between staff and patients, about the epidemiological interactions, about the source of infections (exogenous and endogenous), modes of transmission (contact, aerial route, oral route, parental route etc.) and the types of infections. According to her, strict, stringent protocol should be practiced which can help in avoiding nosocomial infections.

She also spoke on how one should thoroughly wash their hands as they are the most important mode of transmission. She enlisted five important points of infection control such as Decontamination of Equipment, Hand Washing, and Decontamination of Environment, Prudent use of Antibiotics and Isolation and Barrier Precautions. She also mentioned about the Infection Committee, the Infection Control Teams. At the end, Mrs. Geetha spoke about the changes which took place in the hospital after implementing the Infection Control protocol.