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School of Sciences Organized Industrial Visit to Shimla and Chandigarh

Jain (Deemed-to-be University)’s School of Sciences conducted Industrial Visit for its final year Forensic Science students from 5 to 15 February 2018. During the trip 29 students accompanied by Mr.Don Caeiro, Mr. Manish Mishra and Ms. Deepthi Nagesh, who are the Assistant Professors of the department visited north Indian cities Shimla and Chandigarh.

During the trip students visited HPFSL (Himachal Pradesh Forensic Laboratory), Jhunga which is the Forensic Headquarters of Himachal Pradesh wherein they were taken to the 6 major sections of laboratory such as - NDPS, DNA, Biology, Chemistry, Question Document, Ballistics and Cyber Forensic setup. The students got exposure of each section by respective Forensic Scientists.

In the NDPS section, the expert Scientist discussed about the basics of Analytical Chemistry, the classification of drugs and also they were shown the dried opium flower, heroine, and LSD samples.

At the DNA section, they were exposed to the various techniques used in the extraction and analysis of DNA and instruments used for the same. In the Biology section, the preliminary analysis of blood from wooden samples was demonstrated and confirmatory and other procedures related to the same were discussed.

In the Chemistry section, the expert Faculty member demonstrated the trap case on one of the students, using Sodium Carbonate and Potassium powder. At the Question Document section, the students were shown various instruments used in the sample analysis and the expert discussed how cases involving charred document, writings on palms and feet were solved. In the ballistics section they were shown various instruments used in the laboratory such as Comparison Microscope and also demonstrated the analysis of bullets and cartridge cases.

The students also visited the Chail Wildlife Sanctuary where they learnt about breeding and mating procedures of Pheasant bird.

They further visited Central Detective Training Institute (CDTI), Chandigarh wherein they became the part of their Women’s Day Celebration. They were also taught precautions to be taken while using the computer, how to remove linked applications from social media, how to lock and unlock our Aadhar number by Cyber expert Mr. Gurucharan Singh. They also learnt about the loopholes in using PAN cards and ATM cards.

Later they met Mr. P.S. Doghra who had worked for Delhi Police and CBI. The students got the opportunity to attend Mr. Doghra’s interactive session with the inspectors and sub-inspectors from various northern states. The interaction between Mr. Doghra and the officers was interesting and made them understand the applicability of laws in various kinds of cases.

At the end of the session they were addressed by the current Director of the CDTI Mr. B.M. Sharma, IPS. During his talk, emphasizing on the importance of emotional quotient over intelligent quotient stated that one should possess this in order to handle conflicting situations in life.

Overall the trip was very fruitful, which enlightened students with a tremendous amount of information.