JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) News

Session on Electronic Design Automation for Physical Design

As a part of Words of Wisdom event, School of Graduate Studies organized a session on "Electronic Design Automation for Physical Design" on 25 November 2016. The Guest Mr. Santosh Kumar Adinarayan, Manager, EDA- Maxim Integrated, addressed B.Sc. students of Jain (Deemed-to-be University). The talk was basically on the physical design of electronic devices in IC’s. He started with Moore’s Law, i.e. the rate of growth in IC technology. Speaker introduced the application of IC in variable fitness tracker and other electronic devices. He also explained VLSI technology used in IC design and discussed in detail about the Design and Fabrication of IC’s. He emphasized on layered architecture for interconnects and thermal management of the chip, automated positioning of various components in an IC for optimum performance, and various lithographic techniques like UV, Electron beam and X-Ray and their limitations. Finally, he pointed out that there are lot of opportunities for materials development and device modeling in this field for the students from physical science.