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Session on Higher Education and its Impact on the Society was organized at JU-SET

JU-SET invited Dr. S K Verma, Former Vice-Chancellor of Sarguja University, Chhattisgarh to deliver a talk on 'Higher Education and its Impact on Society' on 10 January 2018.

During the session, Dr. Verma addressing the faculty and students covered topics such as value-based education giving importance to Indian ethos and culture. Followed by stating what is required to be a good researcher. Dr. Verma reiterated that research is a way-of-life and an individual researcher needs to have patience, perseverance, and confidence in his ability. The results of research are not immediate and need a longer time, he added.

Dr. Verma talking about education system said that it should be given in such a way that the students should be able to meet their aspirations, be it in seeking a job or pursuing higher education. He also emphasized the role of teachers in a university set-up as administrators where they need to ensure the interest of all stakeholders is taken care.

Post the presentation, the floor was opened for Q&A and some of the questions that came from the participants were (1) Higher education is at cross-roads what is the role of teacher (2) What should I (as a teacher) do when my students are disinterested (3) People are talking about our curriculum being outdated and we don't give industry-based skill.

Dr. Verma answered all these questions very eloquently covering the following points.

  • Education is also a transformative activity, so the expectation of the public is that the education should help students to meet their future challenges, so teachers have to be always updated on the state-of-art technology, tools, and methods so that they can transfer these skills to students which can prepare them to face the challenges in life
  • Students are seeking value and while a teacher can provide value to the students.
  • Basic and foundations are important for any students to face the future challenges and the education should provide these skills. Today there would be one skill which would get obsolete. Therefore getting fixated on one skill and technology is not what a university is mandated to do. So it should emphasize life-long learning and common dominators of knowledge and skill, that would make the student able to contribute gainfully to the society. The students enjoyed insightful session which concluded with vote of thanks to Dr. Verma