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Session on Modernization of Interior by a 3D Projection

As a part of Words of Wisdom series, Jain (Deemed-to-be University)'s School of Humanities and Social Sciences conducted a session on 'Modernization of Interior by a 3D Projection' for B.Sc Interior Design students on 14 February 2018 in the university campus. The speaker of the day was Ms. Vasudha Dilip who is a Principal Architect and Managing Director at Cherishing Spaces.

The speaker began the session explaining the history of interior design which originated during Stone Age (2000 BC) and its evolution until now.

During the session, the speaker shared her experience as an interior designer, her struggle, difficulties and challenges that she faced during the beginning of her career and how did she overcome.

Highlighting on the present day technology which is the 3D projection that gives real-time experience, she explained how this was helpful compared to 2D and conventional hand drawing methods.

Overall session was informative which gave an understanding of modern-day technology and methods to students.