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Workshop on Learning Python

Jain (Deemed-to-be University)'s School of Engineering and Technology organized a three-day workshop on Learning Python from 21 November to 23 November 2017 in the university campus. The objective of the workshop was to provide a platform to students to explore more about the Python language. The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Hariprasad who is the Director of SET, Mr. Harshad Shah, Cyber Security Expert spokesperson of the day and Ms. M S Sowmya, Assist Professor Department of Information Science and Engineering.

The speaker began the workshop with an introduction to fundamentals of python. He explained about flow control and functions of python language in detail. During the session, he also briefed about string manipulation and structuring data which was followed by Q & A session wherein the speaker answered all the queries asked by the students.

Second-day concepts about socket programming, pattern matching using regular expression were explained which was followed by writing few programs on Operating System using python.

On the final day concepts involving web servers and signals were illustrated along with programs. Usage of virtual machines and reading and writing files using Python was taught.

Students also learned Python list, working with pdf and word document using python and GUI Automation. The further session concluded with the demonstration of a set of practical examples which can be handled easily using Python.