JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) News

Workshop on Social Surfing

Jain (Deemed to-be University)’s School of Computer Science and Engineering had organized Workshop on Social Surfing on 10 August 2018.

The conveyor and chief guests of the day were Amitabh Kumar Head, Media and Communications, Centre for Social Research, New Delhi and Arnika Singh, Project Officer, Media and Communication, Centre for Social Research, New Delhi.

Social Surfing program enables the youth to protect their online information and channelize their energy to use social networks. Arnika Singh did Tangram exercise where five students were called on stage to instruct to get the image (that they were given) made. The communication and connection that both the groups showed was commendable. They were 99.9% close to the diagram that was to be made and that is where the true essence of an educational institute lies.

Amitabh started his talk on the importance of understanding the content and figuring out the best way of responding to it. He also shared the fact that social media specifically Facebook connects people across the globe and gives the user that freedom to raise his/her voice against any issue.