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Master of Computer Application (MCA - Specialization)

Storage and Cloud Technology integrated with Certification in CompTIA Cloud+
Program code: 045B
Course code : B3
Course Commencement : June 2020

The qualification required to apply for the program is a minimum of 50% marks in the respective bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. Students who are pursuing final year bachelor’s program are also eligible to apply.

Study Campus

School of Commerce
#44/4, District Fund Road
Jayanagar 9th Block
Bangalore - 560069
P: +91 80 46501738

Admissions Office

JGI Knowledge Campus
# 44/4, District Fund Road
Jayanagar 9th Block Campus
Bangalore - 5600 69
+91 80 46650124

The new-age MCA Storage and Cloud Technology integrated with Certification in CompTIA Cloud+ is a specialized postgraduate program that is offered by Jain (Deemed-to-be University). The program is designed to educate students in the areas of cloud computing, virtualization, and database management. It will explore potential research directions as well as technologies that will facilitate the creation of a global marketplace for cloud computing services that support scientific, industrial, business, and consumer applications.

  • Innovative and Learning Practice

    Jain (Deemed-to-be University) places importance on quality and value when it comes to academics and is committed to providing students with knowledge and skills that are in demand, besides offering opportunities to learn a variety of new concepts and skills.

  • Supportive Environment (Infrastructure)

    Well–equipped digital classrooms, e-library, and state-of the-art-infrastructure are offered to create a unique academic ambience. Jain (Deemed-to-be University) has a multi-disciplinary approach to provide cutting edge quality education to students and enhance discipline, integrity, and the ability to think innovatively. The University aims to create future leaders, who can be the driving force in society.

  • Career Development Opportunities

    At Jain (Deemed-to-be University), students can build academic networks through seminars, conferences, University-Industry interface, study-tours, student-exchange programs, and internships that bring endless opportunities to create great career paths.

  • Further Study Guidelines

    Postgraduate programs at Jain (Deemed-to-be University) offer a strong basic foundation for further studies. We also help you develop career-specific skills and traits that are desired in the industry.

Course Highlights
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge, technical expertise, and hands-on experience in the storage and cloud technology areas
  • Design, implement, and troubleshoot storage and cloud-related solution at any level
  • Students gain fundamental understanding of data structures, advanced computer networks, and virtualization
  • They are exposed to concepts of designing enterprise networks, cloud computing solutions, and cloud security
  • Acquire practical knowledge of advanced virtualization, server operating systems, and database management systems
I Semester
  • Data Structures
  • Object Oriented Programming Using C ++
  • Computer System Organization
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Introduction to Linux Programming
  • Data Structures - Lab
  • Object Oriented Programming Using C ++- Lab
  • Linux Programming – Lab
II Semester
  • Programming in Java
  • Database Management System
  • Introduction to Information Security
  • Advanced Computer Networks
  • Operating System
  • Programming in Java - Lab
  • Database Management System - Lab
  • Networks – Lab
III Semester
  • Designing Enterprise Networks
  • Fundamentals of Storage Management
  • Server Operating System I
  • Fundamentals of Datacenter
  • Introduction to Virtualization
  • Learning Labs:
    1. Designing Enterprise Networks LAB
    2. Server Operating System I LAB
    3. Introduction to Virtualization LAB
    4. Communication Skills II
IV Semester
  • Advanced Virtualization
  • Introduction to Windows Azure
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Datacenter and Cloud Security
  • Learning Labs:
    1. Advance Virtualization LAB
    2. Introduction to Windows Azure LAB
    3. Mini Project / LAB
    4. IOT
    5. Ethical Hacking Basics
    6. Cloud Web Services
    7. Fundamentals of Exchange Server
V Semester
  • Principles of RIMS
  • Data Center Architecture
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Management
  • Project / Internship
VI Semester
  • Final Project / Internship and Viva

Career enhancement programs are formulated as per current industry standards and reflect on our commitment to build a unique workforce that will meet the challenges of the industry. Evaluation is based on internal assessment, seminars, and reports prepared by the students.

To keep them at the forefront of employability, the career enhancement program prepares students with the necessary soft skills such as communication, presentation, and public speaking skills, personality development, and interview techniques.

Digitization of information has drastically transformed the way businesses operate throughout the world. In an ever changing business environment which is fueled by competition, organizations have been on the continuous look out for better technology for their IT infrastructure.

Cloud technology is a method of storing and accessing data and programs in remote servers through the internet. This enables organizations to purchase IT infrastructure as a service rather than as product. Technology is disrupting markets and there is growing demand for qualified professionals in the area.

Jain (Deemed-to-be University) is committed to giving students a competitive edge in the job market. The job opportunities in this stream are not restricted to, but includes Cloud Engineer, Data Center Technician, Cloud Security Specialist, Business Analyst, Cloud Consultant, and Cloud Network Engineer etc.