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B.Voc. in Digital Production

Why take this course?

B.Voc. in Digital Production is a program with multiple exits such as Diploma / Advanced Diploma under the NSQF. It is a judicious mix of general education and skill components, designed with the objective of equipping the students with the required set of practical and professional skills in the media and entertainment sub sectors. This course will empower you with the science of creativity, and a blend of design and technical skills to make the students think differently, look at situations from alternate perspectives and to achieve extraordinary feats in advancing towards their career goals. The curriculum, coursework, activities and assignments in this program is geared toward providing students with relevant skills to start in the entertainment industry. The students are encouraged to hone their drawing skills and move on to learning technical tools which support the various pipelines followed across the animation industry. Through studio visits and industry related events such as GAFX showcasing the latest artistic and CG technology, students gain a broad understanding of the operational characteristics of different studios and also get an insight into the current job market. Through practical, hands on exercises, students accumulate plenty of knowledge and are counselled to successfully navigate their career in the AVGC (Animation, Video games and Comics) industries.

What will I experience?

  • A course curriculum designed by the experts from the industry
  • Training aligned with the workings of a production studio
  • Hands on exercises
  • Live demonstration
  • Expert faculty to prepare the students for their future
  • In-house studio with green screen
  • Workshops and seminars from industry professionals
  • Studio tours and industry related events
  • Expert faculty to prepare the students for their future
  • Industry biggies on our advisory board
  • Guidance by industry mentors to prepare students for their career

What opportunities might it lead to?

On successful completion, the student shall be armed with the training required to get a job in the AVGC sector. Here are some of the career pathways:

  • 3D generalist
  • Storyboard artist
  • Concept artist
  • 2D animator
  • 3D modeler
  • Texturing artist
  • FX artist
  • Character artist
  • Technical director
  • 3D animator
  • Production assistant
  • Compositor
  • Production coordinator
eligibility for BVocation course


Minimum Qualification: 10+2 pass or equivalent examination (any stream). Must have basic computer knowledge.

BVocation course

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