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M.A. in English

Why take this course?

M.A. in English - Are you interested in exploring English language? Generally, a language refers to a communication or a linguistic system. It is the most powerful communication tool for an individual. The scientific study of language is known as linguistics. This post graduate program in English at Jain (Deemed-to-be University) enables the students’ to learn the styles, concerns and techniques specific to region, nation and culture giving you the ability to understand the ways in which the language works on listeners or readers, and skills in producing your own texts.

What will I experience?

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the vast English Literature.
  • Understand the various ways of writing (Diasporic Writing), Textual Analysis and Interpretation.
  • Follow a professional way of learning the language through our experienced and efficient faculty.

What opportunities might it lead to?

The private and corporate world of India is huge, brimming with innumerable opportunities. For English literature students as well it offers wide variety of opportunities that are up for grab. Holding a master's degree in English provides opportunities for a career in multiple industries, including publishing, advertising, marketing, education and media. Career opportunities vary depending on the sector, but individuals have the knowledge and skills to work in teaching, writing and editing positions. Content writing is also an amazing option wherein there is a lot of learning the language. 

Degree Awarded

Master of Arts

Course Commencement

June 2019


The minimum qualification required to apply is a bachelor’s degree in respective discipline from a recognized University.

Study Campus

Admissions Office

Curriculum Structure & Teaching

I Semester
  • British Literature Till 1800: History and Texts
  • British Literature After 1800: History and Texts
  • Indian Writing in English
  • Textual Analysis and Interpretation
  • European Literature
II Semester
  • Early American Literature
  • Post 1945 British Literature
  • Indian Writing II: Dalit Literature
  • Cultural Studies
  • World Literatures
III Semester
  • Postcolonial Literature and Theory
  • American Literature-II
  • Critical Theories I
  • Australian Literature
  • Elective 1 Linguistics I
  • Elective 2 Gender And Literature-I
IV Semester
  • Indigenous Literatures of North America, Australia and New Zealand
  • Diasporic Literature
  • Critical Theories Ii
  • Visual Narratives
  • Elective 1 Linguistics II
  • Elective 2 Gender And Literature-II


Click here to download Scheme of Study and Examinations


Teaching and Assessment

A variety of engaging teaching methods like workshops, lectures, projects and seminars, are conducted from time to time at Jain (Deemed-to-be University). Our highly knowledgeable professors always make themselves available to students outside of the classroom, even beyond office hours and help the students to bring out the best in them. The faculty make it a point of connecting with their students to create a fulfilling academic experience. This allows to build a closer student-professor relationship

How are you assessed?

On this course you will encounter a balance of formal examinations and varied methods of coursework assessment including: