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MSc (Biochemistry)

Why take this course?

MSc Biochemistry - Are you interested in learning about the chemical properties of biologically important molecules and processes in cells and tissues? If yes, then this course is apt for you. The Biochemistry course at Jain (Deemed-to-be University) is designed so as to provide you with the understanding of fundamental biological processes at a molecular level and it also contributes to the solving of medical problems and the discovery of safe and effective drugs. The highlight of the course is that, in addition to the formal classroom teaching, well-planned lab sessions and interactive tutorials, exposure to all experimental tools used in modern industry and research is provided through a carefully designed curriculum.

What will I experience?

On this course you can:

  • Understand the principles that underlie various reactions and processes in plants, animals, and humans.
  • Gain knowledge in advancing areas like biochemical assays, bioorganic and related areas of biochemistry.

What opportunities might it lead to?

Graduates acquire a wide range of subject-specific and transferable skills and gain extensive laboratory research experience. They may pursue higher studies in reputed Indian and International Universities or enter professional careers in research, the health service or industrial environments. Students of this major may find work in government based enterprises such as universities, research institutes or private centers as research scientists/project assistants. Alternatively, they may find employment in core companies or biotech-related companies such as pharmaceutical firms, food manufacturers, aquaculture, agricultural companies, Herbal preparation industries, chemical and bioprocessing units that are engaged in business related to life sciences ranging from equipment to chemicals to pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. Graduates can also have an opportunity to get placed in some of the major Biotech and pharmaceutical companies through campus interview and alumni contacts.

Degree Awarded

Master of Science

Course Commencement

June 2020


The minimum qualification required to apply is a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology / microbiology / botany / biochemistry / chemistry.

Study Campus

  • Center for Post Graduate Studies
  • #18/3, 9th Cross, 3rd Block, Jayanagar
  • Bangalore – 560011
  • P: +91 80 43226500

Admissions Office

  • JGI Knowledge Campus
  • # 44/4, District Fund Road
  • Jayanagar 9th Block Campus
  • Bangalore - 5600 69
  • P+ 91 80 46650127

Curriculum Structure & Teaching

Semester I
  • Bioenergetics and Bioorganic Chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Biomolecules
  • Clinical and Physiological Biochemistry
  • Learning Labs
    - Biochemical Assays
    - Techniques in Microbiology
Semester II
  • Enzymology
  • Metabolism - I
  • Biophysical and Analytical Biochemistry
  • Bioinformatics and Biostatistics
  • Learning Labs
    - Techniques in Biochemistry
    - Enzyme Kinetics
Semester III
  • Metabolism - I
  • Molecular Biology -  I
  • Immunology
  • Elective (Any One)
    - Biotechnology
    - Biochemical Genetics
    - Plant Biochemistry
    - Developmental Biology and Endocrinology
  • Learning Labs
    - Molecular Biology and Immunology
  • Elective (any one)
    - Biotechnology
    - Biochemical Genetics
    - Plant Biochemistry
    - Developmental Biology and Endocrinology
Semester IV
  • Molecular Biology-I
  • Neurochemistry and Signal Transduction
  • Elective (Any One)
    - Medical Biotechnology
    - Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
    - Pharmaceutical Microbiology
    - Microbial Biopolymers
  • Learning Labs
  • Elective (Any One)
    - Nutritional Biochemistry
    - Protein Chemistry
    - Project
    - Presentation & Defence
    - Comprehensive ­ Viva­Voce

Teaching and Assessment

A variety of engaging teaching methods like workshops, lectures, projects and seminars, are conducted from time to time at Jain (Deemed-to-be University). Our highly knowledgeable professors always make themselves available to students outside of the classroom, even beyond office hours and help the students to bring out the best in them. The faculty makes it a point of connecting with their students to create a fulfilling academic experience. This allows building a closer student-professor relationship.

How are you assessed?

On this course, you will encounter a balance of formal examinations and varied methods of coursework assessment including:

  • - Internal tests
  • - Assignments
  • - Seminar presentation
  • - Class tests
  • - Preparatory theory and Practical examination
  • - End term theory and Practical examination