Saket Jalan

“Everyone wants to drive a Mercedes, have a nice house, travel abroad and all of that. But you have to work for that. Identifying the right role models, observing them and learning from them is all it takes. Everyone makes good and bad decisions in life, so learn to live in a way that focuses on the good, and lets go of all the bad,” says Saket Jalan, the multifaceted and multitasking entrepreneur. Saket tried his luck in various ventures and suffered considerable losses before finding his mentor and patron, Dr. Chenraj Roychand. Under the auspices of Dr. Chenraj, Saket started running hostels for the Jain Group of Institutions.

Beginning with a modest number of thirty-five students, Saket’s hospitality venture now provides modern amenities to over 1000 students. Building on his success, Saket undertook various other entrepreneurial projects that he believed in and turned them into rewarding business models. Saket attributes his success to the passion that he has towards his work and the foresight that comes with experience. “If you take any successful person in any field, the common denominator is that they keep on winning. Not once or twice, but over and over again, and they do it because they have the passion and will to succeed,” he explains.

The same passion made him invest in musical instruments. A saxophone player of some repute, Saket has created a niche for musical instruments in India. His brand, Sonido Musicals, has a collection of Indian and Western instruments, which caters to all the sections of the society. “The store has been designed in such a way that we get a lounge feel, people can just walk in and actually play the instruments in an ambience conducive to music,” he says. Saket is the founder of the Bangalore Harmonica Lovers music club and an avid collector of Harmonicas; he has a collection of 200 vintage harmonicas collected from all over the world. Saket is also a certified music therapist from the World Federation of Music Therapy and believes in the healing effects of music.

Saket has many more ideas up his sleeve and is on the search for the right people to invest in and carry out his visions. We hope all his ideas bear fruit sooner rather than later.

Vinay Sharva