School for Aviation and Aerospace Management

A premier institution renowned for excellence and dedicated to shaping leaders in the dynamic aviation industry, SAAM provides a cutting-edge education with a focus on practical insights and real-world challenges

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School for Aviation and Aerospace Management

Welcome to the School for Aviation and Aerospace Management (SAAM) at JAIN (Deemed-to-be University. A premier institution renowned for excellence and dedicated to shaping leaders in the dynamic aviation industry, SAAM provides a cutting-edge education with a focus on practical insights and real-world challenges. Our distinguished faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and industry partnerships ensure a comprehensive learning experience. The curriculum blends theoretical rigour with hands-on projects, preparing students for success. Beyond the classroom, SAAM offers internships, industry exposure, and networking events. Committed to excellence, our facilities mirror the demands of the aviation sector, providing a dynamic and immersive learning environment.

Programmes Offered

BMS - Aviation Management

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MBA - Aviation and Aerospace Management

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Executive Programme in Airport Ground Handling and Customer Service

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Executive Post Graduate - Aircraft Leasing and Financing

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About Us


To be a leading hub in aviation and aerospace management, inspiring a new generation of professionals and shaping the future of air travel through innovation, transformative education, and industry collaboration with a commitment to sustainable excellence.


  • Foster a dynamic learning environment to empower individuals as innovators and leaders in aviation and aerospace.
  • Integrate cutting-edge pedagogy, practical experience, and global perspectives for comprehensive learning and development.
  • Drive collaboration and sustainability for industry advancement

Why choose us?

  • Innovative Curriculum: Our programme integrates the latest industry trends, technology, and global perspectives ensuring you are best prepared for aviation challenges
  • Expert Faculty: Learn from most seasoned industry professionals for a practical understanding of aviation management complexities.
  • Cutting-Edge Facilities: Access simulation labs, research centres, and industry partnerships for hands-on experience in aviation.
  • Networking Hub: Connect with a diverse community, industry leaders, and alumni in aviation and aerospace.
  • Career Guidance: Benefit from dedicated services (networking, guidance, internships, etc.) for a successful career in aviation and aerospace management.
  • Tailored Industry Programmes: Customised programmes designed to meet industry needs.

Passionate about an aviation career?
The School for Aviation and Aerospace Management (SAAM) at JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) is your ideal hub to nurture ambitions and shape the future of the industry. Join us for a sky-high career!"

Industry Outlook

Dynamic Growth in India's Civil Aviation Sector: Key Milestones and Projections

Growth in Civil Aviation

India's civil aviation sector has experienced remarkable growth.It currently ranks as the third-largest domestic market globally.

Air Passenger Ranking

Projected to surpass the UK in air passenger ranking by 2024

Aircraft Increase

The surge in demand has led to an increase in aircraft.Expected to reach 1,100 by 2027.

Passenger Traffic (FY22)

In FY22, passenger traffic reached 188.89 million.

Airport Growth

Airports reported a substantial Year-over-Year (YoY) increase.

Freight Traffic Projection

Freight traffic potential is projected to reach 17 MT by FY40.

Operational Airports Expansion

Plans to increase operational airports to 190-200 by FY40 to accommodate growing air traffic.

Why choose a career in the Aviation and Aerospace Sector?

The modern aviation industry plays a vital role in connecting continents, countries, and cultures, acting as a catalyst for global trade and enriching lives. Despite the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, aviation rebounded stronger than expected, making it a pivotal sector. Having in-depth knowledge of aviation and aerospace empowers individuals to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and make impactful decisions in any industry. Specialising in Aviation and Aerospace Management provides niche skills, making candidates valuable across sectors and enabling the implementation of innovative processes in aviation and beyond. The thriving aviation and aerospace sector of India presents abundant opportunities for those seeking dynamic careers. With India's ambitious plans to expand airport infrastructure and the industry's consistent growth, considering a career in aviation promises a bright and prosperous future.