Jain University honors playback singer Kavitha Krishnamurti Subramaniam on its Fifth Annual Convocation Ceremony 2015

The students were eagerly awaiting the moment with bated breath, counting the numbers until their turn came to go up on the podium and collect the certificates and medals from the Guests of Honor. The Fifth Annual Convocation Day of Jain University was up and running at Jain Global Campus on 5 December 2015, keeping alive the time-honored traditions of educational institutions.

In his welcome address Dr. N Sundararajan, Vice Chancellor of Jain University, shared his thoughts on the convocation and Jain University. "We are confident that our students will be able to meet all the challenges faced by them. Our convocation reflects Jain University’s efforts in creating future professionals who will strive to bring about a positive change around them," he said.

Dr H R Nagendra, Chancellor of S-VYASA Yoga University, delivered the convocation address and the students were all ears to receive words of wisdom from a person who is deemed fit to advice the Prime Minister of India on the art of Yoga. Dr H R Nagendra did not disappoint and delivered a highly technical speech sans the emotional quotient usually associated with such addresses. Elaborating on the evolution of the modern sciences and connecting it to the Indian Philosophic Fabric, he discoursed on the merits and demerits of scientific education.

“A belief of modern science that ‘everything in this creation is governed by matter, the laws of the physical world and there is nothing else beyond atoms and quarks’ is shattered to the core and the modern scientists have opened their minds towards consciousness studies,” said Dr H R Nagendra. “Education is not mere cramming of information neither is it a mere sharpening of the intellect. It is a process of transforming a man to a MAN, a process by which man raises himself from his sleeping animal level of instincts, to a normal level and then becomes a great man, superman, divine man, and ultimately reaches divinity itself,” he added.

Kavitha Krishnamurti Subramaniam, the renowned playback singer was awarded Doctor of Philosophy (Honoris Causa) during the ceremony for her contributions to music. Kavitha Krishnamurti Subramaniam was privileged to receive the award from Jain University.

Jain University conferred 2,374 degrees to students from Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Research programs. 64 gold medals were awarded to meritorious students for their excellence in education. There were 24 PhD holders, 37 MPhil holders, and 120 rank holders in this year’s function.

The Convocation Ceremony at Jain University had a liberating effect on not only the medal holders but also the numerous other students who were awarded with their degrees. The students threw their hats in the air and declared their intent to face the future confidently. Jain University can be proud of the fact that it played a small but significant role in their confidence.