“There is a deep sense of gratification within me today. The honorary doctorate is a testament to the effort and passion I put into music every day. This encourages me to strive for greater heights in the future.”
~ Dr. Kavitha Krishnamurthi Subramaniam, Doctor of Philosophy (Honoris Causa) Awardee

“Doing research in Jain University is such hassle-free process. It is as if I was liberated to pursue whatever topic I was interested in unlike one of the other universities, which I initially approached. There the faculty decided the topic for the students. At Jain University, we get the freedom to choose.”
~ Divya C, Gold Medalist - MPhil in Computer Science

“It is obviously a great feeling to receive the best sportsperson of the year award. What I am today is a lot due to Jain University. In 2012, when I joined the University, I was told that my place was in the swimming pool and not in the classroom. I got all the support and encouragement I needed from my teachers and peers to concentrate more on swimming without ever missing out on my studies.”
~ Niranjan M, Sportsperson of the Year, Jain University

“The faculty of the International Institute of Aerospace Engineering and Management (Jain University) was simply fabulous. Without them, I would never have achieved any of this. If I get a chance, I intend to do my PhD as well at Jain University.”
~ Gisa G S, Gold Medalist - M.Tech. in Avionics