Students holding the passport issued by foreign countries, including people of Indian origin who have acquired the nationality of foreign countries are classified as foreign students.

The University is governed by the Board of Management, the highest statutory body. Its membership is as per UGC guidelines.

A Planning and Monitoring Board meets periodically, reviews the progress made on implementation of policies, and develops strategic plans for the University.

A Finance Committee monitors the flow of funds and approves the budget for the University. The audited statement of accounts for the University comes under the scrutiny of this committee.

An Academic Council, the largest statutory body of the University, is responsible for ensuring high-quality standards of educational programs. It has members from renowned institutions and well-known organizations who advise on framing Regulations, Curriculum and Syllabi for the programs offered at JU. The Vice Chancellor is the Chairman of this Council.

Each faculty has a Board of Studies whose members are domain experts from the industry and other renowned institutions and from within, giving directions for any changes required for the success of the academic programs.