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New-age programs at Jain (Deemed-to-be University), Kochi. To know more, click here.

Our Prominent Collaborations

The University has established tie-ups with prominent Research International and Research National organizations to provide a plethora of opportunities to its students and faculty in the field of research and education.

News & Media

Emphasizing the Significance Life Skills & Motivation

Department of Economics, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Jain (Deemed-to-be University), organized a two-day workshop on “Life Skills & Motivation” in January 2020 

In a rapidly changing environment, developing life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life. It will help individuals to become more confident with the ability to solve problems, gain a greater sense of self-awareness and agility to adapt to different situations. A driving force that enhances humans to acquire life skills for achieving success and internal happiness is motivation

Rashmi Shetty, a Life Skill trainer & Motivational speaker conducted a session for the students of B.A Economics (Honours) on January 20, 2020. Ms. Rashmi enlightened them by emphasizing on ‘visualization’ of goals, the importance of having a plan and action to face challenges with confidence, and commitment towards achieving one’s goals. The participants were made to form groups and enact a drama upon the topic of ‘Nervousness’ to add a more fun element to the session.

The keynote speaker for the second session was Dr. T. Karpagam, a Life Skill trainer & Motivational Speaker. She commenced her session on January 21, 2020 with a brief introduction on ‘What is meant by life skills and then organized an activity called ‘Human Chain’ through which she explained the importance of cooperation and support in an organization to reach new goals and success.

This workshop on Life skills & Motivation took into account the psychosocial competencies and interpersonal skills of the students. It enabled them to have clarity about making the right decisions, to solve problems creatively, communicate effectively, build strong relationships, appreciate different opinions and perspectives, and ability to lead a productive and healthy life.

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An Intriguing Workshop by International Skill Development Corporation

Department of Economics, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Jain (Deemed-to-be University), organized a two-day workshop on January 29, and 30 2020.

Dr. Karapakkam was the resource person for the session held on January 29, 2020. An enthusiastic counselor with a student-focused approach, she made the workshop extremely fun, informative, and insightful. The workshop was divided into various activities to create a better learning experience for the students regarding management skills.  The key concepts taught to the students- were the ability of humans to perceive things that differentiate one individual from another, the importance of communication in a team and how to avoid miscommunication, and the power of team-work to successfully achieve goals. The session ended with students reflecting on a more energized and positives outlook towards life.

The second session of the workshop was on January 30, 2020, that focused mainly on the importance of developing “Interpersonal Skills” Rashmi Shetty, a Life Skill trainer & Motivational speaker and RJ in All India Radio, was the resource person for the event.

Rashmi Shetty enlightened the students about non-verbal communication and how attitude is a result of interconnection between environment, education, experience, and empathy.  Another important segment of the session was the role-play activities such as conflict management, finding acronyms of the word TEAM, and anchoring a positive thought process.

 One of the key takeaways for the students in this session was learning to develop leadership qualities through the concept of the “Johari Box. The Johari Window model is a useful tool for understanding self-awareness and mutual understanding between individuals within a group. This model is prominent in the process of team development and building.

 The two–day workshop was highly engaging, effective, and enhanced every aspect of students to develop both their professional and personal traits.

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International Monetary System- Exploring the Past, Present & Future

Department of Economics, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) organized a national webinar on "International Monetary System- The Past, Present & Future” on August 8, 2020

The world today is at a crossroads due to the changing dynamics in the international monetary system. Any change or reform that takes place in the international monetary system leads to a significant impact on socio-economic conditions around the world.  If we take into account, the choices such as reverting back to a fixed exchange rate system like Bretton Woods System; adopt a freely flexible exchange rate system, or move towards a monetary system where international payment depends upon the macroeconomic policy coordination among the leading industrial countries. However, which of these diverging directions the world will take depends to a large extent on how the leading industrial nations perceive and design monetary transactions across the globe.

 To understand the international monetary system, it is helpful to look back at the past, then analyze the present and create future possibilities.

To enhance the prominence of the webinar, students from the Department of Economics, gave a presentation on various key topics that span across the past, present, and future of the international monetary system. The students shared their views on how the system evolved and changed over time, how any reforms or decision taken by the super countries affects the global monetary relations, and the future challenges and opportunities.

Ms. Anita M. George Managing Director, CDPQ, South Asia was the guest speaker and Prior to joining CDPQ, she was a Senior Director of the World Bank’s Energy and Extractive Industries Global Practice. She spoke on issues such as global interest rates, inflation, trade relations between the USA and China, the dominance of dollars as currency, and how China controls the global market being a prime manufacturer of various luxury products such as smartphones, etc. she also discussed the role of small and medium enterprises and changes brought by the advancement of technology.

 Overall the webinar was a great learning experience for the students, it was highly enlightening, it ended with a vote of thanks and insightful inputs by Dr. V.K. Xavier Professor & HOD, Department of Economics, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) as he highlighted the need to create a policy, for an economic environment that must be conducive for the sustainable development and sustainability of the banks.

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Visitors at Jain

Dr. K Sivan Indian Space Scientist and Chairman of ISRO
Ms. Kavita Krishnamurthy Indian Film Playback Singer
Mr. Gabe Gabrielle Engineer, Kennedy Space Center, NASA
Ms. Priyamani Indian Film Actress

A Vibrant Campus

Jain (Deemed-to-be University) is more than a destination for higher learning; it is a community consisting of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities, all coming together in one place to offer you an enriching experience and a fulfilling educational journey. With over six campuses, there is always something new to discover with numerous vibrant fests, societies, seminars, and a fully integrated student community. Explore several industry-driven and career-focused regular as well as distance learning programs to satiate your quest for knowledge in the corridors of a reputed institute that stands as a testimony of an illustrious past and progressive future.

Students can take their pick from several fests like the CMS Festival, Cranium, Infinity, Samanvaya, Taru Samkruti, Corporate Expo, and Science Model Expo to showcase their talents; if they feel like making a statement through a marathon, there is the My Country Run; and for those who want to make an impact through social causes, they can try NCC, NSS, Radio Active –CR 90.4 MHz, Sampradaana, Anna Seva, and SEED.

Besides these, there are conferences, panel discussions, seminars, and workshops held on national and international levels for the students and faculty to learn and contribute to issues that matter such as science, IT, economy, and health. Jain encourages the entrepreneurial spirit through centers – CRCE and JUiNCUBATOR by conducting competitions and inviting experts to offer insights.

Stimulate your intellect and discover amazing possibilities because there is something for everyone at Jain (Deemed-to-be University).

Bollywood stars sparkle at CMS Festival

From Salman Yusuf Khan to Soha Ali Khan, Priyamani to Irfaan Khan, CMS hosted many celebrities at its grand CMS Festival

Priceless Moments of Inspiration

Nobel laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus, a man who created jobs for the selfless visits Jain (Deemed-to-be University) campus

8500 runners including 1500 army professionals took part in My Country Run

1500 runners from the armed forces along with families, school and college youth, corporate, specially challenged individuals and senior citizens took part in the My Country Run across the three categories to reinforce the message, 'Healthy and fit citizens will march India towards Growth and Development'.

Devika Malik receives the Queen's Young Leader Award

M.Phil. Sports Psychology student, Devika Malik has been awarded the Queen's Young Leader Award by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, London in recognition of her community development work

2000 students, more than 60 gold medalists and 100's of rank holders graduate every year at Jain

With every graduate that confidently steps out, the University sees more of its own vision fulfilled - To foster Human Development through Excellence in Quality Education, Research and Entrepreneurial Development

K L Rahul honored with a Cheque of 1.5 lakh!

Our proud alumni and International Cricket champion, K L Rahul who recently visited the campus was honored with a Cheque of 1.5 lakh by the President Dr., Chenraj Roychand

A Vibrant Campus



Jain (Deemed-to-be University) is proud to announce that Rakshith Yadav, the B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering student (2016-2020 batch) from School of Engineering and Technology was placed at Synapse, a Florida based organization at a package of 30 Lakhs / Annum. The university congratulates him on his success and wishes him great career endeavors ahead.

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Shakshi Solanki MORGAN STANLEY
Anmol A Dhandhania AIRBUS
Aditya Sharma YODLEE

International Exposure

The University has established tie-ups with various International Universities to offer study programs that would help the students and faculty gain an international perspective in their chosen field of study. Such collaborations generate an opportunity for student and faculty exchange amongst Universities.