About Khelotsav

Khelotsav, is the first-of-its kind corporate sports league, initiated by Jain University with an aim to provide a platform to all sports enthusiasts. The sole motto of the initiative is to encourage sporting talents across all corporate sectors with right scope and space.

There are numerous sports lovers who wish to play but lag behind due to lack of opportunities. Often, it becomes tough for organizations to improve employee activities through different events. In order to cater to both the needs and enhance scopes, the Khelotsav offers an ideal platform. It is inclusive by nature and encourages all individuals to play, irrespective of their age, gender or profession.

Khelotsav collaborates with different organizations to help them improve their employee engagement and workforce culture. Most sports involve playing cohesively with a single objective and towards the same goal. And this enable all players to understand and enhance their ability to work in a team.

Role of Jain University in advocating sports excellence

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Promotion of sports is at the core of the vision of Jain University. Through myriad of services and facilities, the university continues to increase scopes for all the athletic aspirants. It has produced some of the finest sports players in the country. With an aim to extend the same scope to the sports enthusiasts associated with different conglomerates, the University has initiated 'Khelotsav'. This initiative will allow organizations to deepen the bonding among team members and put their sporting passion to test. It is a unique concept, formulated for the first time by an educational institute in India to promote the culture of sports.

Jain University - Department of Sports

Jain University advocates sports. Stemming directly from the vision of overall student development, the Department of Sports at Jain University provides encouragement and facilities for every sport activity that students find their interest in. At Jain University, exceptional talents are given adequate encouragement to emerge as winning performers in their chosen sporting disciplines. Under the able guidance of Dr. U V Sankar, Director of Sports, the University has achieved many milestones in various arena.


All sports events are open to corporate houses situated across Bangalore. Teams interested in participating in any event need to register first and then complete the payment procedure.

Corporate Package - 40,000/-

Events Men Women Men

Deuce Ball Cricket
-- -- -- -- -- 15,000/-

Football (7-a-side)
-- -- -- -- -- 7500/-

Basket Ball
-- -- -- -- 7500/-

Throw Ball
-- -- -- -- -- 4000/-

-- -- -- -- -- 3500/-

-- Singles 1250/-
Doubles 2000/-

Table Tennis
-- Singles 1250/-
Doubles 2000/-

-- Singles 1250/-
Doubles 2000/-