The Overview

NITI strives to go far beyond the identity of a leading global public policy and leadership school as we envisage ourselves as the future THINK TANK and world-class RESEARCH CENTRE with a solid contribution to policy reshaping, capacity building, and societal transformation at the global level. Serving as an inventive platform for engagement with Governments through various stakeholders like experts, civic societies, associations, and the private sector, NITI intends to create a rich and varied cohort of ardent research individuals who practice and implement a variety of theoretical and practical approaches. Inviting aspirants across India and the world, we propose inclusivity and interdisciplinary studies so that international perspectives on leadership and policies can be compared through a wide lens.



To create the most sensible changemakers with the ability to transform societies and the world through leadership excellence & better governance.



To be a leading global PPL (Public Policy & Leadership School) school that brings strong positive societal changes & contributes to the emerging economies of the world with improved public policies, best leadership, and cutting-edge research so that the world can become a better place to live in.



  • Devoted & determined to address critical policy challenges at national and global levels
  • Committed to serving the nation and the world with evidence-based research and policy making
  • Inclusivity of diverse backgrounds, societies and cultures
  • Sensitivity & honesty in every course of action
  • Fostering policymakers & leaders with fresh perspectives & deep analytical skills with a passion to learn about Indian and international policie