Master of Arts

Communication Design (Graphic Design)


The qualification required to apply for the program is a minimum of 50% marks in the respective bachelor's degree from a recognized university.


The JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) Kochi’s Master of Arts (MA) in Communication Design, specialising in Graphic Design, is a comprehensive two-year programme immersing students in visual communication. Balancing theory and practice, the curriculum develops critical thinking and skills vital for success in graphic design. Beginning with advanced design theory, students master tools, focusing on typography, layout design, and visual storytelling. Strategic branding, UX design, print, and publication design are explored, recognising design's role in digital interfaces and print media.

The programme at the best college in Kochi delves into the societal impact of visual culture and ethical considerations in professional practices. Specialisation electives, internships, and a design research project provide tailored experiences. Culminating in a thesis project, graduates emerge prepared for leadership roles like Graphic Design Director or UX/UI Designer, equipped to navigate the diverse challenges of the contemporary communication design field. Overall, the programme offers a dynamic educational experience, shaping skilled, critical-thinking design professionals.


2 years Degree Programme


Master of Arts in Communication Design (Graphic Design)

No. of Credits

80 minimum and as specified


As per University norms

Course Commencement : September 2024

Study Campus

JAIN (Deemed-to-be University), Kochi
Knowledge Park, Nirmal Infopark
Kakkanad, Kochi - 682 042
Telephone : 0484 435 5555
Email : [email protected]

Curriculum Structure
  • Visual Design - Principles and Applications/ Graphics and Visual Communication
  • History of Art and Design
  • Foundation Art
  • Business Management for Creative and Design domains
  • Product Design and Lean Design Principles
  • Story telling
  • Fundamentals of Photography
  • Research Article 1
  • Information Design
  • Developing Visual Narratives
  • Branding & Communication Design
  • Publication & Print Design
  • PCL I - Research and Entrepreneurship Project
  • Research Article 2
  • Open Elective
  • Application UI design
  • Motion design
  • TV Commercial Production practice
  • Package design
  • Portfolio Development
  • Professional Practice - Internship
  • Major project
  • PCL 2 - Research and Entrepreneurship project
  • Research Article 3
Course Highlights

Career Pathway: 

Graduates of a Master of Arts (M.A) in Communication Design with a specialisation in Graphic Design at the best university in Kochi are well-positioned for a variety of dynamic and evolving career paths within the design industry. The programme equips students with advanced skills and knowledge, opening doors to diverse professional opportunities. Some potential career paths for graduates of this M.A programme include:

  1. User Experience Researcher
  2. Information Architect
  3. Environmental Graphic Designer
  4. Packaging Designer
  5. Illustration Specialist
  6. Social Media Content Designer
  7. Virtual Reality (VR) Designer
  8. Augmented Reality (AR) Designer
  9. Exhibition Designer
  10. Corporate Identity Designer
  11. Design Project Manager
  12. Mobile App Designer
  13. Design Strategist
  14. Design Thinker Facilitator
  15. 3D Animator
  16. E-learning Course Designer
  17. Design Analyst
  18. Data Visualisation Designer
  19. Brand Consultant
  20. Multimedia Artist