Master of Arts

Fashion Design


The qualification required to apply for the programme is a minimum of 50% marks in the respective bachelor's degree from a recognised university.


The JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) Kochi’s Master of Arts in Fashion Design is a postgraduate initiative catering to individuals with a profound passion for fashion, seeking advanced expertise and leadership roles in the fashion industry. Recognising the pivotal role of technology and the emerging Metaverse in reshaping the fashion industry, this programme is designed to not only suit advanced education but to transform students into avant-garde designers, strategic leaders, and influential voices in the global fashion landscape.

The curriculum seamlessly blends theory, practice, and innovation. It integrates advanced design techniques, sustainable practices, and innovation-centric courses, reflecting the multidimensional nature of the modern fashion designer's role. Key courses, including technical design, trend forecasting, and collaborative projects with industry professionals provide a holistic view of the industry. The curriculum is consciously designed to be multifaceted with an emphasis on creativity and innovation, a necessity in the dynamic world of fashion. From experimenting with new materials to cutting-edge technologies, the students are encouraged to be pioneers in the creation of forward-thinking fashion, fostering adaptability and resilience in the face of industry disruptions. This M. A in Fashion Design College in Kochi recognises the need for fashion designers to be strategic leaders and entrepreneurs and provides a comprehensive knowledge of the fashion business, equipping the students with the skills and transform them into dynamic professionals capable of leading fashion houses, design teams, or even launching their venture.

Graduates of the Master of Arts in Fashion Design programme emerge as more than proficient professionals; they become dynamic visionaries and influential contributors to the ever-evolving fashion world. They are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the modern fashion landscape. Whether leading design teams, shaping sustainable practices, or launching entrepreneurial ventures, these graduates are poised to make a lasting impact on the global fashion stage.


2 years Degree programme


Master of Arts in Fashion Design

No. of Credits

80 minimum and as specified


As per University norms

Course Commencement : Aug 2024

Study Campus

JAIN (Deemed-to-be University), Kochi
Knowledge Park, Nirmal Infopark
Kakkanad, Kochi - 682 042
Telephone : 0484 435 5555
Email : [email protected]

Curriculum Structure
  • Design Study And Visual Research
  • Fundamentals Of Fashion And Apparel
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Traditional Textiles Of India
  • Cultural Studies And Ethnography
  • Printing, Dyeing, And Wet Processing
  • Introduction To Digital Media
  • Research Article I
  • Pattern Drafting And Garment Construction
  • Fabric Studies
  • Design Process And Management
  • Fashion Retail Management
  • Apparel Merchandising
  • Fashion Textiles: Craft And Techniques
  • Technical Design Methodology For Fashion
  • Pc1 I: Research And Entrepreneurship Project
  • Research Article Ii
  • Social Networking
  • Pattern Drafting & Garment Construction 2
  • Fashion Collection Realisation
  • Trend Research And Fashion Forecast
  • Ip Rights In Fashion
  • Fashion Visual Merchandising
  • Digital Marketing For Fashion
  • Pcl Ii - Research And Entrepreneurship Project
  • Fashion Portfolio
  • Professional Practice - Internship
  • Major Project - Fashion Collection
  • Pcl Iii - Research And Entrepreneurship Project
  • Research Article Iii
Course Highlights
  • Advanced Expertise: The programme offers advanced expertise in fashion design, catering to individuals with a profound passion for the industry who seek to deepen their knowledge and skills.
  • Leadership Development: Emphasis is placed on cultivating leadership qualities, and empowering graduates to take on strategic roles within the fashion industry and become influential thought leaders.
  • Integration of technology: Recognising the transformative role of technology and the emerging Metaverse, the programme integrates these elements into the curriculum, preparing students for the future of fashion.
  • Industry View: Key courses, such as technical design, trend forecasting, and collaborative projects with industry professionals, offer a holistic view of the fashion industry, ensuring graduates are well-rounded professionals.
  • Global Perspective: The programme provides a global perspective, preparing students to navigate diverse fashion markets and cultural influences, ensuring they are ready for a career on the international stage.

This M A in Fashion Design College in Kochi stands as a guiding force for visionary individuals seeking to immerse themselves in the dynamic and transformative world of fashion. Through an intricately designed curriculum that integrates advanced expertise, technologies, leadership development, and global perspectives with an emphasis on innovation, this programme goes beyond academic excellence and ensures that graduates possess a versatile skillset, enabling them to make lasting contributions to the global fashion arena.

Career Pathway 

The career opportunities after completing an M.A. in Fashion Design can vary, and individuals may choose to specialise in different areas of the fashion industry based on their interests and skills. Here are some potential career paths for each:

  • Fashion Analyst / Trend Forecaster
  • Fashion Tech Innovator
  • Fashion Entrepreneur
  • Fashion Brand Manager
  • Fashion Consultant / Educator