Test Facility

It has a unique porous wall feature developed indigenously through computational studies with an aim to provide natural and proper ventilation while preventing ambient air disturbances. This system has helped in replacing expensive mechanical ventilation commonly adapted in fire labs. Indoor test facility certification and fire fighter training will be carried out by experts in the area.

Interior view of the Indoor Fire Test Facility where performance of the fire suppressants are tested on pool fires

Sprinkler test setup

1A Crib fire (Class A) test in progress. The fire extinguishing begins at 40% mass loss

10 B pool fire test in progress

Control room with data acquisition facility and a gallery view of the pool fire

Compressed air is used to propel foam solution at specified rates

Year No. of Companies Major Names No. of Tests Conducted
Fire Tests Environmental Tests
2015 - 16 12 UAE: NAFFCO, JC Cooling LLC

Egypt: International Security Safer Co

India: Maharashtra: Super fire Engineering, BPCL, HPCL, KV Fire Chemicals, Cryptzo Engg. Pvt. Ltd

Karnataka: HPCL, Tyco products, Telangana: ONGC

Tamilnadu: MRPL, CPCL

Uttarakhand: Foam Tech Antifire, Haryana: BPCL

Gujarat: Kanadia, Vimal Fire Controls
22 0
2016 - 17 16 28 0
2017 - 18 26 26 645
2018 - 19 32 23 303
2019 - 20 18 26 690

Analytical equipment like FTIR equipment for analysis of foam and other chemical samples, DCP particle size analyzers, Tensiometer for foam spreading coefficient measurement and thermal imaging cameras have been installed in the first phase. The Center has 12 bar compressed air utility and industrial gases like N2 at about 20 required locations. LAN facility with WiFi provision has also been installed in order to facilitate communications.

The administrative block is built on an area of 20,000 sq ft area and encompasses 2 audio visual class rooms of 40 seat capacity, faculty chambers, discussion room and a library. Additionally, a large pool fire facility upto 4 m x 4m with provision for 120 channels TC data logging and wind monitoring provision has also been developed. The facility has UPS power and an independent control room.

This is a view of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) equipment. FTIR is used for composition spectrum analysis to identify specific samples post pool fire

A Used for particle size determination of Dry Chemical Powder

Tensiometer for spreading coefficient determination

Calibrated Measuring equipment used for determining conductivity, force and air velocities

Several equipments are necessary for testing fire safety related products like fire retardant clothes and construction materials are being procured. Typical equipments available at the center are mentioned below.

Limiting Oxygen index Apparatus

  • Limiting oxygen index is the mole percentage of the oxygen in ambient air that supports a downward fire propagation rate of 20mm/ min for 3mm on a vertical dry specimen.
  • It establishes the relative flammability of the specimen.
  • Lower the LOI, higher will be the flammability.

Application: Development of Fire Retardant Materials, Rigid PUF

Non Combustibility Apparatus

  • Checks specimen for combustibility.
  • Specimen (45 dia x 50mm high) is immersed into the furnace at 800oC for 30 min.
  • Classified as non-combustible if the temperature of specimen does not exceed 850oC or mass loss is less than 50% of the initial mass

Application: Development of construction / building materials

Extensive work has been carried out in the center in the areas of biomass combustion. 3 patents have been filed and technology is transferred to stove manufacturing industries. Typical equipments related to this are shown below;

Various solid fuels including agro residues which are tested for highly efficient and smokeless stoves, developed at FCRC

Pulveriser and Pellet Press : Agro residues are pulverized in the Pulveriser while the Pellet Press produces Pellets which will further be used as solid fuels

A prototype of patent filed stove at FCRC

A Pellet Stove in operation

A Domestic Stove being tested for the Feast Foundation

A solar pump test facility is established UL India pvt ltd at FCRC premises. The facility caters to testing solar pumps using simulated power supply similar to typical solar summer/winter day as prescribed by MNRE standards.

A Solar pump test setup to test and certify submersible and mono-block pumps as per MNRE standards. Over 500 bore well pumps are tested

This is a View of test control room

Year No. of Companies Major Names No. of Tests Conducted
2015 - 16 12 Karnataka: MEC, Gupta Agro

New Delhi: CEL

Maharashtra: Duke Pumps, Ecozen Solution Pvt Ltd

West Bengal: Shankar Machinery

Chhattisgarh: Swasthik Solar, Kalwant Goyal, Rawmate solution,Kamala Instruments

Madhyapradesh: Kirloskar pumps

Uttar Pradesh: Shakthi Pumps
2016 - 17 15 280
2017 - 18 18 330
2018 - 19 22 508
2019 - 20 19 532

View of workshops

View of workshops