• Boron Combustor

    Boron is synthesized at kilogram level and a combustor for Nano Boron slurry fuel is being developed using a slinger combustor configuration.

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  • Scaling down fire tests

    Fire tests of fire fighting foams at smaller scale are cost effective for users wanting to quickly check the effectiveness of
    stored foams.

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  • Burning Velocity Correlations

    A simple generalized correlation is deduced for all hydrocarbons fuels taking into account effects of pressure and temperature
    on the laminar flame

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  • Clean Combustion from Pool Fires

    Used-heptane from fire tests poses disposal challenges.  Clean combustion of this fuel with increased burn rate can support our in-house fire door testing.

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  • FDS Studies on Porous Wall Configuration

    Porous wall configuration of UL-JFL is simulated using Fire Dynamics Simulator software to understand the effect of asymmetry caused by solid North wall.

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  • Modeling Pan Fire Burn Behavior

    Heat feed back to the liquid pool below the fire through conduction effects is modeled to understand factors contributing to
    burn rates.

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Research Reports

Project Title Year of Completion
Demonstration and Implementation of a new biomass burning device for IISc 2014
Regulatory Pool fire testing of New Generation Transportation Packages for BARC 2014
 Boron Combustion Studies with Gaseous & Liquid Fuels in Gas Turbine Combustor at Ambient Pressure for GTRE 2020

Internal Reports

Project Title Year of Completion
Studies on Efficiency of TEG Systems 2015
Boron + Hydrocarbon Equilibrium Combustion Calculations (SP273) 2020