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With the mission of promoting research and development in the area of fire and combustion studies, Fire and Combustion Research Center (FCRC) is Jain University’s latest educational endeavour. Located at the JGI Global Campus, the Research Center is built over an area of 2 acres. The center has over 40,000 sq ft of lab and office space.

Jain University continuously works towards providing its scholars a research and development platform. As a part of its latest educational endeavour, the University has undertaken the task of the establishment of Fire and Combustion Research Center (FCRC) to promote research and development, training programs and integration of academics with the industry in the areas of fire and combustion. Fire safety and related combustion studies are at a very nascent stage in India and thus, promotion of R & D activities in this area is of utmost importance.

With the motive of expanding the field of fire and combustion studies, a state-of-the-art fire testing laboratory was built as a collaborative arrangement between the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) India and the Jain University's called "Underwriters Laboratories – Jain Fire Lab (ULJFL)". This laboratory is located at the premises of FCRC. ULJFL is responsible for conducting continuous testing activities and actively interacting with the major players in global fire safety industry. This arrangement provides a brilliant opportunity to develop a focused research group working in the area of fire and combustion research supporting a required layout for the establishment of a research center.

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