The Center has an efficient set up to impart training to students and offer services to our clients. Currently the FCRC is offering 3 one-week training modules:

Fire Risk Assessment Training

This module has been specifically designed for those individuals who are employed in public or private sector to carry out fire risk assessment in a given set-up. These professionals could be hired either for industrial or commercial background. After the completion of the course, the delegates attain the essential confidence to execute fire risk assessments and produce reports post-assessment. The Fire Risk Assessment Training also helps the individuals to be able to draft fire emergency plans of any size premises as per the current legislation guidelines.

Practical Fire Extinguisher and Awareness Training

The Practical Fire Extinguisher and Awareness Training is designed to showcase the practical aspect of the usage of fire extinguishers to put out controlled fires. If an individual has attended a theory based training session about using a fire extinguisher and lacks the practical implementation of the same, this environment friendly training module will demonstrate how to take appropriate actions and precautions to safeguard him/herself as well as the people on the premises.

Fire and Life Safety Training

With the motive of creating general awareness to attendees by offering life safety classes regarding health and safety practices and occupational hazards, this training module prepares the attendees to plan ahead for creating an effective emergency evacuation plan.