Chenraj Roychand Center for Entrepreneurship (CRCE)

Chenraj Roychand Center for Entrepreneurship (CRCE) is an entrepreneurial wing of JAIN (Deemed-to-be University). Entrepreneurship is a creative process which harnesses and harvests the individual's skills, abilities and energies in a business context. We believe that India is a land of opportunities and is one of the largest pools of young talent in the world. If the young population is provided the necessary guidance and skill sets and is encouraged to be creative they will build a vibrant and developed India. Indians are the most sought after minds across the world, and our intellectual prowess creates and sustains world class organizations.

Chenraj Roychand Center for Entrepreneurship brings together academics, student entrepreneurs and incubated companies for the study and practice of entrepreneurship.

CRCE works with the potential entrepreneur to inculcate the knowledge and skills required to be a successful entrepreneur. These are the skills that are not just theoretical but the practical realities and difficulties that one may face in the real world. To provide a platform for the entrepreneurs to put into practice gave rise to the business incubation arm of CRCE known as JGI Ventures. JGI Ventures takes on the task of incubating the concept into reality with a strong backing. The support structure at JGI ventures is unique and has elements such as mentors, seed capital and benefits of an extensive existing network which are available to entrepreneurs as required. Many innovative areas are planned for learning, group work and research. One such area is the Entrepreneurship Hatchery. This incubator space is an excellent venue for mentorship opportunities that brings together the skills, experiences, and networks of successful entrepreneurs, business owners, venture capitalists and other professionals who can help students navigate the process of taking their great ideas from concept and into the marketplace. It focuses them in a practical way on the needs of emerging businesses - offering perspective on the market and the opportunities and risks faced in business.

Incubated Companies

Company Entrepreneur Core Business
JCH Group Saket Jalan Hospitality
 Intouch Analytics Arun Prabhu Technology
Damask Vineet Agarwal Low cost footwear
Chrysallis India Pvt.Ltd Jaisimha Jaithirth Education
Basket Option Pvt.Ltd. Abdul G Sait Financial Services
Smart Earth Pvt.Ltd. Abdul G Sait Real Estate
Samaavesh Jyothi C Consumer Real Estate
1947 Restaurant Jia Jain Food & Beverages
ICS Technologies Abhishek & Himansu Technology
Globals Inc Suhas Gopinath Technology
Radio Active Pinky Chandran Community Service
Blue Man Support Services K Rajesh Kumar Housekeeping
Arka Eduserve Pvt. Ltd. Mahaveer K Solanki, Sandeep Jain,
Sharanagouda, Melashankar, 
Ankit Vohra
House of Music Ankit Bhandari Media & Entertainment
Claims Express Abdul G Sait Financial Services
Jain Housing Vishal C Real Estate
Red Lounge Nehal Batheja Core Financial Services
Passion Connect Karthik Kittu Education
52 Week High Shubam Deva Core IT & Research
Loan Basket Govinda Raj Financial Services
Real World Mohammad Fayaz Real Estate
Bull Street Preetham Financial Services
Institute of Digital Market Kishore B S Education
Anveshana Kumar TSM Technology
100ML Design Studio Shyam Pawar Technology
Munchiez Ashish Food & Beverages
CMS Brand Studio Dinesh Nilkant Media & Entertainment
Nutri Paradise Vijay Surya Food & Beverages
1947 Malleswaram Manjula Food & Beverages
Stock Market Institute Deepak Kumar & Kishore BS Education
Mad box innovations Karthik Kittu & Shubham Deva Technology
Institute of Technical Excellence Shubam Deva Education
Envisage Muffadil Education
Edu Turks Prakash Education
Rock Solid Studio Abdul, Srinivas & Chandru Health & Fitness
My Health Check Up Adithya Kumar Healthcare
ABCD Anoop, Aman, Varun & Vineet Textile
Luckymaskot Nixon John, Rahul Gift Design
Money Bag Ventures Govinda Raj         Financial Services
G Seas Yashwanth Setti Education
Alchemy Aman Jain & Varun Meghani Textile
Crazy Code Technologies Vinod Bhandari Technology
Book Keeper Sunil Saraf Financial Services