Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

International Business Integrated with Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM - UK)

Course code : 9A06
Course Commencement : July 2022

The minimum qualification to apply is a pass in the 10+2 examination in Science or Commerce or Arts from PUC / ISC / CBSE or an equivalent board. A course recognized equivalent there to by the University.

Study Campus

School of Commerce Studies
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Bangalore - 5600 69
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Admissions Office

JGI Knowledge Campus
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Jayanagar 9th Block Campus
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The bachelor’s degree in International Business prepares students for an international business career with special skills and knowledge in the areas of international business strategy, management, marketing, human resources, technology and the business processes which are required for public and private organizations to work effectively in today’s global marketplace.

The course offers students a solid foundation on various aspects of international business that will enable them to understand international trade, policies, market, organizational structure and finances. It helps them understand complexities of the growing economies where businesses are interlinked with each other in the global scenario. The course also encourages students to apply for higher studies by opting for MBA in International Business.

  • Innovative and Learning Practice

    Jain (Deemed-to-be University) places importance on quality and value when it comes to academics and is committed to providing students with knowledge and skills that are in demand, besides offering opportunities to learn a variety of new concepts and skills.

  • Supportive Environment (Infrastructure)

    Jain (Deemed-to-be University) has a multi-disciplinary approach to provide cutting edge quality education to students and enhance discipline, integrity, and the ability to think innovatively. The University aims to create future leaders, who can be the driving force in the society.

  • Career Development Opportunities

    At Jain (Deemed-to-be University), students can build academic networks through seminars, conferences, University-Industry interface, study-tours, student-exchange programs, and internships that bring endless opportunities to create great career paths.

  • Further Study Guidelines

    The graduate programs at Jain (Deemed-to-be University) offer a strong basic foundation for further studies. Our graduate courses with global associations will enable you to develop career-specific skills that are desired in the industry.

Course Highlights
  • Familiarize students with International Business decision-making processes and understand how the financial market works.
  • Perform research projects to enhance learning in an academic or corporate environment.
  • Develop managerial skills and the ability to handle international business projects of companies.
  • Learn how to work in a complex business environment.
I Semester
  • English - I
  • Accounting - I
  • Management Concepts and Practice
  • Managerial Economics
  • International Business Environment
  • Human History and Creativity
  • Value Enhancing Course (VEC): Human Values and Mind Management
II Semester
  • English – II
  • Accounting - II
  • Organizational Behavior and HRM
  • Quantitative Methods for International Business
  • Introduction to Business and Brands
  • Ideation and Creative Expression
  • Value Enhancing Course (VEC): Indian Constitution
III Semester
  • Fundamentals of Strategy
  • Marketing Management
  • Creative Communication - I
  • Ethics, Values, and Etiquette
  • Mass Media
  • Fundamentals of Foreign Trade
  • Value Enhancing Course (VEC): Computer Fundamentals
IV Semester
  • Psychology and Market Research
  • Persuasion and Salesmanship
  • Financial Management and Management Accounting
  • Creative Communication - II
  • Experiential Branding
  • EXIM Procedures and Documentation
  • Value Enhancing Course (VEC): Environmental Science
V Semester
  • Taxation
  • Business Law
  • Teamwork and Cross-cultural Leadership
  • International Marketing
  • Project - I
VI Semester
  • Business Negotiation
  • Project Management
  • Digital Branding
  • International Financial Management
  • Project - II

Career Enhancement Programs are formulated as per current industry standards and reflect on our commitment to build a unique workforce, which will meet the challenges in the industry. Each program adhering to the course, BMS in International Business is spread over six semesters and students are evaluated by the end of each semester. Evaluation is based on internal assessment, seminars, and reports prepared by the students.

To keep them at the forefront of employability, the career enhancement program prepares students with the necessary soft skills such as communication, presentation, and public speaking skills, personality development, and interview techniques.

The course, Bachelors of Management Studies with specialization in International Business is designed for students to build careers as export managers and executives, global business manager, international business development manager, international brand manager or executives, and business consultant.