Bachelor of Science (for Professional Courses)

Forensic Science


The minimum qualification required to apply is a pass in the 10+2 examination in Science from PUC / ISC / CBSE or an equivalent board with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as core subjects.


Forensic Science has become the most crucial part of modern judicial system. The course, B.Sc in Forensic Science at Jain (Deemed-to-be-University) a 3-year graduate course deals with the application of scientific knowledge in crime investigation and the study of the human anatomy. In this course, students learn all aspects of forensic science such as how clues can be collected from a crime scene, physical evidence such as hair, blood, and fingerprints that are taken to the laboratories to present them as evidence in court. The course will enable students to develop scientific principles of conducting investigation, technical skills, scientific aptitude, and an inquisitive mind with keen observational skills, and prepare them to handle work pressure that can come from the judiciary, police, and administration besides, highlighting the importance of ethics as a working professional. With the increasing crime rates in India, the demand for forensic scientists has only been growing.

Program code: 003B
Course code : 3B01
Course Commencement : July 2024

Study Campus

School of Sciences
#34, 1st Cross
J C Road
Bangalore - 560027
P +91 80434 30100

Admissions Office

JAIN Knowledge Campus
# 44/4, District Fund Road
Jayanagar 9th Block Campus
Bangalore - 5600 69
P : +91 73378 80218
P : +91 98440 73343

Curriculum Structure
  • English
  • Basic Forensic Physics
  • Basic Forensic Chemistry
  • General Forensic Science
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Basic Forensic Physics - Lab
  • Basic Forensic Chemistry – Lab
  • English
  • Forensic Biology
  • Forensic Psychology-I
  • Forensic crime Scene Management
  • Mind Management and Human Values
  • Forensic Biology Lab
  • Forensic Crime Scene Management Lab
  • Language
  • English
  • Forensic Questioned Document
  • Forensic Ballistics
  • Advanced Forensic Physics
  • Environmental Science
  • Forensic Questioned Document Lab
  • Forensic Ballistic and Photography Lab
  • Language
  • English
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Forensic Toxicology
  • Forensic Psychology-II
  • Indian Constitution
  • Forensic Psychology Lab
  • Forensic Toxicology Lab
  • Finger Prints and Impressions
  • Instrumental Analysis
  • Advanced Forensic Psychology -III
  • Computer Forensics
  • Forensic Serology
  • Internet Technology
  • Computer Forensics Lab - Finger Prints Lab
  • Internet Technology Lab
  • Advanced Forensic Psychology Lab
  • Forensic Audio and Video analysis
  • Forensic Speaker Identification
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Forensic Anthropology and Odontology
  • Digital and Cyber Forensic
  • Computer networks
  • Forensic Audio Video Analysis Lab
  • Forensic Anthropology and Odontology Lab
  • Digital and Cyber Forensics Lab
  • Project (Practical)
Course Highlights
  • Study key elements of modern forensic science including crime scene processing, analytical techniques, laboratory skills, human anatomy, and genetics
  • Experienced staff who bring in professional and research expertise in their teaching
  • Hands-on experience of a range of techniques in biology and forensic science in well-equipped laboratories
  • Combined study of human biology with applications of forensic analysis, thus providing graduates with a wide range of career options
Career Enhancement Programs

Career enhancement programs are formulated as per current industry standards and reflect on our commitment to build a unique workforce, which will meet the challenges in the industry. Evaluation is based on internal assessment, seminars, assignments, practical and theory examination and reports prepared by the students. To keep them at the forefront of employability, the career enhancement program prepares students with the necessary soft skills such as communication, presentation, and public speaking skills, personality development, and interview techniques.

The career enhancement program offers special certificate courses on:
Certification program on Ballistic (2 months)

The certification is awarded by the Sports Authority of India, Government of India. The program consists of a 2-month basic training to shoot fire arms at different ranges. Students are trained to maintain the fire arm and identify the firing mark of the bullet and cartridges.

Certification program in Analysis of Handwriting (3 weeks)

The certificate is awarded by Questioned Document Laboratory, Manipal Center, Bengaluru. The students are trained to identify different types of handwriting, investigate document, identifying forged document, and trace the accused involved in crime by studying their handwriting.

Certification program in Cyber Forensics (4 weeks)

The certification is awarded by Questioned Document Laboratory, Manipal Center, Bengaluru. Students are given training on the identification and rectification of various viruses, its harmful effects–deletion of files, addition via email, Trojans harmful effects- remote accessing, data destruction, phishing, and cryptography. The program also deals with cybercrime.

Career Outcomes

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Forensic Science can opt for jobs in the government sector, particularly in various law enforcement agencies such as the police, the legal system, and the investigative services of the central government and state governments. A major chunk of trained forensic scientists is hired by the Intelligence Bureau (IB), the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), etc.

Another interesting career, rather the most attractive option for forensic scientists is teaching in institutes that impart education in forensic science. Students can also pursue post-graduation and research for further high profile job opportunities.