Master of Science



The minimum qualification required to apply is a pass in BSc with Zoology, Botany, Genetics, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Microbiology as core subjects.


M.Sc. in Genetics has a lot of scope in the field of Medical and Clinical research domains. Moreover, Genetics forms the basis for all the biological research programs.

Program code: 044
Course code : 4420
Course Commencement : Sept 2024

Study Campus

School of Sciences
#34, 1st Cross
J C Road
Bangalore - 560027
P +91 80434 30100

Admissions Office

JAIN Knowledge Campus
# 44/4, District Fund Road
Jayanagar 9th Block Campus
Bangalore - 5600 69
P : +91 7337613222
P : +91 7676386870

Curriculum Structure
  • Hard core
    1. Principles of Genetics
    2. Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Soft core 1
    1. Basic Mathematics and Biostatistics/Swayam
  • Soft core 2
    1. Pharmaceutical Microbiology/Protein Chemistry
  • Open elective-1
  • Learning Labs
    1. Principles of Genetics and Cell and Molecular Biology
    2. Pharmaceutical Microbiology/Protein Chemistry
  • Hard core
    1. Drosophila Genetics
    2. Molecular Genetics
  • Soft core
    1. Applied Genetic Engineering /Immunotechnology
  • Open elective-2
  • PCL
  • Learning Labs
    1. Drosophila Genetics and Molecular Genetics
    2. Applied Genetic Engineering /Immunotechnology
  • Project-Literature review
  • Hard core
    1. Human Genetics
    2. Developmental Genetics and Ethology
    3. Evolution and Population Genetics
  • Specialization
    1. Elementary methods in Computational Biology / Plant Genetics
  • Learning Labs
    1. Elementary methods in Computational Biology / Plant Genetics
  • Project-Laboratory Work
  • Internship
  • Hard core
    1. Research Methodology
  • Specialization
    1. Medical and Pharmacogenetics/ Genetics and Crop improvement
  • PCL
  • Learning Labs
    1. Medical and Pharmacogenetics/ Genetics and Crop improvement
  • Project Dissertation
Course Highlights
  • In this day and age of climatic change and its influence, Genetic studies are really essential to determine the impact of such factors on inheritance patterns.
  • There is also a need to understand human diseases and their pathophysiology and this is possible only through detailed genetic analysis.
Career Enhancement Programs

Career enhancement programs are framed as per current industry standards and echo on our commitment to build a unique workforce that will meet the challenges of the industry. Evaluation is based on internal assessment, seminars, and reports prepared by the students.

To keep the students at the forefront of employability, the career enhancement program prepares students with the necessary soft skills such as communication, presentation, and public speaking skills, personality development, and interview techniques.

Career Outcomes
  • Medical Writing
  • Cytogeneticist
  • Scientific journalism
  • Clinical Research
  • Genetic Counsellor
  • Variant and NGS analysts
  • Downstream and Upstream processing industries
  • University Professors.
  • Academia State departments (eg. the Department of Health)
  • Medical and pharmaceutical companies
  • Private and government research laboratories (CSIR, MRC, NHLS, ARC, NRF, SANBI and NICD)
  • Veterinary and industrial institutions
  • Biomedical science communication companies
  • Wellness companies
  • Human and medical genetics laboratories

"Exploring Opportunities Following MSc Genetics"