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10 Tips to Write a Good Resume


Writing a good resume is like winning a league match. They don’t give you the championship trophy but they ensure that you move forward without getting eliminated. A good resume is just not something that follows the format taught in schools for once as a composition activity and then totally abandoned. There are 1000’s of resumes reaching the recruiters and for yours to stand out, you have to shuffle your own cards in such a way that you win the game. A few tips could help you get it done and customize your resume as creative as possible.

  •  Short and Brief - Wherever there is an article based on any verbal communication, this is the foremost point concentrated. Being short and brief is a smart way to impress the person quickly and occupy space in their mind. Convey all your abilities and uniqueness in less than 2 pages. Take 2 shots and make it perfect rather than taking 10 shots and missing them.
  •  Use a simple font - To make your resume stand out, don’t end up in purchasing all colorful calligraphy fonts from Microsoft. The aim is to communicate and not to decorate. Make it professionally easy for the recruiter to read your resume clearly. Also, have a legible font size.
  •  Be professional - Use professional terms in your resume. Let the recruiters know that you’re not a kid still and is ready to get into the business and professional world. Make sure you give the right headings that are apt for the content below. Try to make the headings professionally attractive, so that the recruiter is compelled to see the contents below.
  •  Add accomplishments - Just do not list out your skills neither write stories about your skills. Add short accomplishments on how your skills were served at that time and who has approved the achievement.
  •  Prioritize your resume - When you list your accomplishments, make sure you prioritize them according to the company. Put the most relevant and outstanding achievements first and then go in descending order. If it’s just about “participation in a competition”, you can very well avoid it and tell about your quality of “participating and trying out everything” during the personal interview.
  •  Bold and italics are a must- when you’re using simple fonts, apart from the advantage that it’s easy to read it also has the limitation of the recruiter missing out important points. So, use bold and italics selectively to highlight those details that needs to be highlighted.
  •  Show some individuality- In the achievements part, try to show some individuality because you are marketing only yourself in your resume. If the achievement is teamwork, don’t start the sentence with “One of the…” Instead, tell about the remarkable contribution you made.
  •  Use some common keywords- Resumes are gone through by softwares’ before a human being does. So, for the software to identify your resume easily, browse common resume keywords and use them in the right places.
  •  Include all your contact details- Your contact details can better be at the beginning of the resume. It is a psychological indication that you are confident and highly interested in getting the job and you will definitely be contacted. When your contact details are in the beginning, the recruiters start reading that and they subconsciously get a personal connection with you by knowing where and how to reach you.
  •  Photographs are an added advantage- Let the recruiter see the confidence in your face even before he/she has met you. Get a photograph of yours with the right confidence and attitude in your eyes and face.