Post Doctoral Fellowship


The Post-Doctoral Fellowship programmes are designed under the guidance of highly qualified and widely recognised faculty in their respective fields of expertise. The Post-Doctoral Fellowship programme is imparted for scholarly development and career advancement for scholars who have obtained a doctoral degree. The Post-Doctoral Fellowship provides an opportunity to acquire new skills, broaden one's horizon and offers a platform for transition into cross-disciplinary areas.

Why to pursue a Post-Doctoral Fellowship?
  • To diversify the skill set outside of Ph.D work.
  • To fill the gaps in technical research knowledge.
  • Get time to refine the research goals.
  • Get guidance from an expert in their field of choice in order to pursue research.
  • To improve the technical and "soft" skills.
  • Get an opportunity to expand the publication records and also expand the professional network.
  • Get an opportunity to change the focus of the research

Course Commencement : July 2024

Admissions Office

Mahalakshmi P B
Ph : +91 7090880819

Curriculum Structure
  • To encourage and retain young Indian scholars who have completed their PhD and wish to pursue a regular career in teaching and research.
  • To provide unique opportunity to show originality, creativity, and productivity by young researchers which are essential to their success in future research careers.
Course Highlights
  • Opportunity to perform interdisciplinary and unconventional research
  • Opportunity to integrate teaching and research and also get involved in the research processes
  • Opportunity to develop international strategic partnerships
Course Name Course Specialisation Name of the Guide/Supervisor Email ID Link for Bio
Faculty of Sciences Biotechnology Dr. Kumudini Satyan [email protected] View Profile
  Dr. Aranganathan [email protected] View Profile
Chemistry,Biochemistry & Nanotechnology Prof. B M Nagaraja [email protected] View Profile
Dr. Mahesh S Padaki [email protected] View Profile
Dr. Shubhankar K Bose [email protected] View Profile
Dr. Ramesh B Dateer [email protected] View Profile
Dr. Ahipa T.N. [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Siddappa A Patil [email protected] View Profile
Dr. Rangappa S Keri [email protected] View Profile
Dr. Akshaya Kumar Samal [email protected] View Profile
Dr. Dibyendu Mondal [email protected] View Profile
Dr. Arvind H Jadhav [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Amit Kumar Tyagi [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Nataraj S.K [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Chandra Sekhar Rout [email protected] View Profile
Dr. Sakar M [email protected] View Profile
Dr. Debasis Ghosh [email protected] View Profile
Dr. Pramoda K. Nayak [email protected] View Profile
Dr. K. Pramoda [email protected] View Profile
Dr. Shwetharani R [email protected] View Profile
Dr. Chandan H R [email protected] View Profile
Dr. Suman Kalyan Sahoo [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Rohidas Arote [email protected] View Profile
Dr. Sriniva Budagumpi [email protected] View Profile
Prof. R. Geetha Balakrishna [email protected] View Profile
Dr. Manoj V. Mane [email protected] View Profile
Dr. Indrajit Maity [email protected] View Profile
Management   Dr. Harold Patrick [email protected] View Profile
Functional Materials DR. Shambhulinga Aralekallu [email protected] View Profile
Dr. Vishwanath R. S [email protected] View Profile
Dr Mahaveer D Kurkuri [email protected] View Profile
CUBEC Chetan Nag, Ph.D. [email protected] View Profile
Dr. G. Ramachandra Rao [email protected] View Profile
Career Enhancement Programmes

The Post-Doctoral Fellowship students will have a dedicated access to the Research guides and will get support for the professional development throughout the doctoral journey and beyond. The researcher development programme equips the students with the skills that are required to integrate with the research community. At every stage of their career; the students will receive effective and comprehensive professional development opportunities.

The Post-Doctoral Fellowship students will be given the training to build their skills and confidence in writing and presenting research papers.

Key highlights of the Post-Doctoral Fellowship
  • The Post-Doctoral students will develop the skills required to define a scientific question and test the hypothesis, with more independence than a Ph.D student.
  • They will be learning to run a lab by mentoring junior scientists and laboratory staff.
  • They can find and apply for once own funding to demonstrate their ability to secure future funding.
  • They can publish articles in high-impact journals.