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5 reasons why you should select a culturally diverse university


Diversity refers to ethnicity, race, religious background, or tribal affiliation. However, it can also extend further to underrepresented segments of the population. This can include factors like sexual identity and orientation, socio-economic status, family background, cultural background, etc.

India has always been hailed as a diverse land of cultures. There are people from various backgrounds who coexist in harmony and peace. Although many colleges and universities operate with their mission, vision, and values, many have a common belief. And that is to offer education equally to everyone despite this country's wide diversity.

Navigating through a diverse and cross-cultural campus life is very much needed for the students in their overall learning experience because, in the future, they will be working in an even more diverse corporate sector. A diverse university experience lays the foundation ground for a global society.

So, what are the 5 main reasons you should select a culturally diverse university?

Enhances Personal Growth

The students grow in their personal development when exposed to different beliefs, perspectives, and experiences from people who don't belong to their own. A culturally diverse university forms a breeding ground for a diverse intellectual and social environment where students can ask questions, step outside their comfort zones, and open up to new ideas!

Even if these encounters do not change the student's way of thinking, it makes them aware of other aspects of the same topic. This is why it is very useful if students of different backgrounds mingle with each other. It expands their awareness and encourages different perspectives of their ideas and beliefs.

Encourages Broader and Positive Learning Outcomes

Can students exposed to diversity in college learn and achieve more?

A leading European university suggests that classroom diversity and multicultural events on campus resulted in improved students' academic grades. This implies that a culturally diverse environment has paved the way for engaging classes and motivated students to aim higher academically.

Often, a diverse environment makes students feel more connected, motivated, and engaged in class. They also learn to think critically, analyse/problem solve, listen, write, and speak foreign languages.

To conclude, students attending a culturally diverse university gain a broader and intellectually enticing education, improving the next generation leaders' overall training and education.

Prepares Students for a Global Society

Students exposed to diversity in their university are more capable of thriving in today's rapidly changing and multicultural world. These students become globally competent and aware as they know how to retain their identity while simultaneously becoming aware of the cultural values and beliefs of the people around them.

They also become active members of the diverse society by wanting to contribute. Diversity allows them to create more opportunities with informed, reflective action and to seek the world's future prosperity as a whole.

Strengthens Communities and the Workplace

Workplaces are expected to become more diverse in the next few years. Therefore, a prior educational experience of learning with peers from different cultures will help them adapt smoothly to changing work environments.

When students become aware of the differences in thoughts and opinions, they become more willing to accept them. This implies they obtain a certain level of comfort in working and interacting with various individuals. It also becomes a testament that these students will not only succeed in the workplace but will also become model citizens by implementing mutual respect towards each other for peaceful co-existence. Their developed social skills can build strong communities, challenge social evils and break several stereotyped preconceptions.

Strengthens Economic Competitiveness

When someone is subjected to diverse learning at their university, they become equally comfortable in a diverse workplace. This motivates them to perform better as they can bring their authentic selves to work without disrupting their comfort levels. When people become comfortable in their working space, the organization is set to receive the best results. Culturally diverse minds bring in new ideas, opinions, and thoughts, which can lead to innovations and inventions when put into practice. This will not only boost a company's revenue but will also contribute to national prosperity.

For many young adults, the university is where they experience beliefs and ideas that deviate from their own. When they engage with individuals from all backgrounds and nationalities, they develop awareness and can fully blossom to their optimum potential! A richly diverse institution will make them industry-ready and significantly contribute to the future of our global society!