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Are robots going to eat-up our jobs in coming time?


There is a lot of buzz around the corner that automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are going to eat up a lot of our jobs in the coming time!

In the first instance, if we observe our surroundings in this digital world closely, we shall find an affirmative answer to this question, but with a deeper insight into the technology changes happening across the world, we get to understand the other side of the question.

Yes, it is true that automation and artificial intelligence have captured a lot of attention in recent times because of obvious reasons. All jobs where there is a repetition of manual effort or a repeated process happening, those jobs are being automated with robots taking the place of humans. This is what we term as “automation eating-up human jobs”. These changes are primarily happening in the manufacturing industry, IT services, logistics, transportation, and allied industries. The main advantages of automation are increased productivity, improved quality, consistency, reduced cost, and expenses.

Another wave of AI technology advancement is happening on the other side of the business world. There are robots who are replacing human beings altogether in day-to-day life affairs. We have driverless cars on one hand and on the other hand, we have Sophia - a social humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics, Jarvis bot – my personal assistant, Alicia bot – my personal shopping assistant, IBM Watson, Deep Blue – a bot who defeated chess world champion, and Alpha Go to name a few. This is what we term as “Artificial Intelligence (AI) intruding into human life space in a big way”.

As parents of kids who are aspiring to be computer engineers, we are very confused, worried and anxious to understand a simple and straight answer to this question. Does it mean AI-driven robots will replace human beings in all aspects of life and eat-up their jobs? Answer is a big “No”.

If automation is happening around the globe, then there are large numbers of engineers who are

  •  Building those automation systems
  •  Automating the whole industrial process to improve industrial process efficiency
  •  Designing those robots who are replacing human beings in various industrial places
  •  Architecting the complete automation around the world

These professionals are going to be in demand in the coming years. So, there is a unique opportunity for budding engineers to embrace automation as a career option.

Similarly, there are engineers who are

  •  Working on making driverless cars
  •  Designing such algorithms that can be used to build Sophia, Alicia, Jarvis, Deep Blue and Alpha Go types of AI systems
  •  Designing such machines that can help you to make your life easy, smooth and efficient

So there is absolutely a new career option available to aspiring engineers in the form of AI.

A career option in the field of AI will help students to take up the center stage of technology advancements happening around the world that will change the way we do business, the way we operate, the way we work and the way we live.

AI is the sub-division of computer Science which constitutes software and hardware to do things without human intelligence. Artificial intelligence has had an active and exciting history and is now a mature area of computer science. Many of the research discoveries have now reached the point of industrial application and many companies have made and saved millions of dollars by exploiting the results of AI research. However, the goal of emulating human intelligence has not been reached and many stimulating and challenging problems remain.

All determined programmers and software engineers should know all the major AI techniques, which are the core knowledge of any Computer Science degree. This stream of technology will allow you to gain generic problem-solving skills that have applicability to a wide range of real-world problems. Artificial Intelligence will make computers, robot or software to work intelligently as humans think. Nowadays, AI is taking over all the fields of probability, machine learning, big data, Robotics, etc. Understanding this specialized field demands more skills.

Jain (Deemed-to-be University) (Top University in Bengaluru) is offering first of its own kind of B. Tech. program in Computer Science and Engineering with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is specifically designed to prepare students to improve their own problem-solving skills, theoretical foundations and practical skills of Artificial Intelligence.

Students after completing this program will be able to

  •  Get familiar with several powerful search techniques for automatically solving complex problems
  •  Have sufficient expertise in both the theory of machine learning and its application to data mining, so as to use these powerful techniques in a wide range of industrial contexts, for example, bioinformatics, electronic commerce, and finance
  •  Demonstrate practical experience by implementing and experimenting with the learned algorithms
  •  Understand mathematical models and apply them to a range of AI problems
  •  Learn about various Machine learning, image analysis, vision techniques algorithms and resolve real-time problems

So get-set-go and be a part of the AI revolution that is going to storm the technology world in the coming years.