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Bachelors in Business Administration – A gateway for successful career


Education in India is prospering in many ways widening the horizons of knowledge. The best feature about knowledge today is it’s more accessible to its takers. Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) is one of the best courses available post 10+2. This degree is most suitable for the aspirants willing to learn the fundamentals of management and business. This esteemed course is mainly about kickstarting an expandable career in entrepreneurship and management.

BBA - An overview:
BBA is a 3-year undergraduate program in Business Administration. The structure of the course involves essentials in the sectors of Human Resource, Operations, Marketing, Finance and other functional areas of managing a business. Classroom lectures, case studies, industrial visits, special workshops, seminars, projects and presentations and assignments are the main constituents of the BBA program. It’s through these constituents that a BBA pursuer develops a thorough awareness of the business environment.

The modern toolkits and techniques of entrepreneurship are coupled with the skills mentioned below:

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Taking independent decisions
  3. Handling managerial roles
  4. Communication

The demand for the candidates upskilled in managerial and business knowledge started growing post the economic liberalisation of India in the nineties. Firms require procedural candidatures with thorough knowledge of ideological exchanges between operational teams and senior management. This program moulds the pursuer into higher officials across various corporate establishments. And therefore, BBA rose to prominence in the last two to three decades.

Who should opt for BBA?
This program is meant mainly for those who are sincerely into exemplary entrepreneurship. It involves excellent tools necessary to start an illustrious business career at an early age. It’s an ideal choice even for those who would love assuming a managerial role or an administrative profile in their dream company.

What are the features or benefits of pursuing BBA?

  1. Scope in the marketplace:
    Marketplace is currently thriving on the existent business setups with dozens of MNCs coming in a while. The existent organizations are setting out for expansions. This scenario shows that the requirements of relevant candidatures will continue to rise. And therefore, the BBA graduates can become an irreplaceable part of a management team / operational team in a renowned MNC. They can even form an intermediary part between the employees and top brass.
  2. Flexibility:
    BBA is much beyond the conventional knowledge of business and entrepreneurship. Most bachelor’s degrees depend on theoretical portions. Contrary to what its title signifies, BBA employs a syllabus unifying theory with practical applications of the entrepreneurial wisdom. It allows us to rely on the distinctive parts of our personhood and create more opportunities for our developmental acumens. We aren’t just restricted to theory or practical but are exposed to a set of unifiable business skills. We grow into a healthy professional always ready to take the expertise to a new level.
  3. It’s a foundational stone for a fruitful future:
    BBA is a program that spans across 3 demonstrative years. We learn every fundamental of management and the techniques to integrate our wisdom with entrepreneurial challenges. Our managerial abilities become more matured as we cover the final semester. Many BBA graduates prefer MBA sooner or later post completing their BBA. While dozens of MBA aspirants hail from different backgrounds, BBA graduates set out for MBA are already prepared towards their favourite PG program. It’s an advantage for us as our rudiments are covered and well-versed.
  4. Widespread Industrial exposure:
    It’s industrial exposure that transforms all in the pipeline into a capitalistic feat. When we pursue a program like BBA, we can take our journey to a domain like strategic domain or sales domain. Our exposure to market trends and result-oriented decisions uplifts the success rate of our company. As a result, our future employers view us as a key player in their quest for capitalism. We are now on a path that enlightens our expertise on all fronts.
  5. Financial independence:
    Although every program holds the foundations for financial independence, BBA involves a heightened sensitivity towards financial independence. We become habituated to the entrepreneurial acumens and the techniques to capitalize on them. We get an optimum scope to build a start-up or form an integral part of an enterprise.
  6. Network:
    If we would describe BBA in another way, we would describe it as a goldmine of networks. We develop a knack for collaboration right during the partial fulfilments of BBA academics. We can carry these networks ahead as we progress in our professional pursuits. And we can use these networks for all kinds of developments including enterprises and mutual collaborations.
  7. Job satisfaction:
    BBA is a degree that facilitates topics focusing on result-oriented scenarios. We are into what we prefer primarily as our career objective. And therefore, we pursue the most preferred job and handle the scenarios we would love to undertake in our occupational or entrepreneurial pursuits. We are in a direction that takes us to the horizons of excellence and beyond.
  8. Affordability:
    The BBA is a program much cheaper than every other availability. BBA is a degree that completes in 3 demonstrative years without being heavy on our budgetary criteria. Cost-efficacy is one of the evergreen advantages we count on in the 21st century. We are ready for a prosperous tomorrow with an investment that keeps benefiting us even after completing our studies.
  9. BBA is a multidisciplinary approach: 
    Marketing, organizational behaviour, strategic management, human resources management, and accounting are the disciplines covered under BBA. We aren’t confined to any humdrum career choice but are exposed to miscellaneous choices for expanding our objectives.

In addition to enhancing the entrepreneurial skills, it exposes us to the whodunits of the corporate world at an early age. We become a fully developed professional who can experiment on various kinds of vocational availabilities. This degree is more about personality development apart from inculcating in us a sense of entrepreneurship and presentation skills. We are now a grown team leader and a matured team player.