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Career Opportunities for Students Taking Up B.Sc - Game Development


Is gaming your favourite hobby? Do your parents often scold you for spending time playing games?

It's time to think about it from a different perspective. Gaming is more than just a hobby and can become a serious career prospect for you. There has been tremendous growth in the gaming industry in India, which has elevated gaming to a serious profession.

B.Sc in Game Development is the optimal career choice for those youngsters who are highly competitive and possess a good balance of creativity, fun, and technology. The degree programme is structured to help students learn the principle method of designing gaming code, principles of programming, and creative writing and designing.

This course is integrated with the International Moving Image Society, UK (Chartered Body), International Moving Image Society (IMIS) - born out of the British Kinematograph, Sound and Television Society (BKSTS). The main aim of this course is to cultivate technical and creative skills in animation, gaming, feature films, television, commercials, music videos, and short films.

A career in gaming demands that individuals be passionate, innovative, and enthusiastic about gaming. Thus, if video games excite you and you think you can be a part of this gaming world, you should keep reading our article. Today we shall explore the best possible career opportunities for students interested in taking up B.Sc - Game Development.

Game designers

Game designers are highly technical individuals who work on the functionality of a game, create interactive narration, build prototypes, and develop the game's mechanics. In India, the average salary of a video game designer is around Rs.4.5 lacs per annum, based on your experience and skill level.

Character animator

A character animator is the master of 3D animations who gives life to 3D characters by adding nuance and personality through their gestures, movements, facial expressions, and interaction with their environment and other characters. The average salary of a character animator is 3.5 lacs in India.

Gameplay programmers

Gameplay programmers take the lead on the execution of the game. They write the code for the interactions that help make a game more fun. According to a leading website, gameplay programmers can earn an average annual salary of Rs.4.5 Lakhs, which can shoot up to even 12 lakhs based on experience and skill.

Art Designer

Creative individuals who have a superior hand at art and crafts can take up this role to create and design computer-generated art and animation for PC and Macintosh CD ROM/online software. The average annual salary of an art designer is 3-4 lakhs in India.

Game tester

Game testers work with game developers and programmers to test and identify the glitches and bugs before the release of a game. In India, the average annual salary of a game tester is between 2 to 5 lakhs.

Game Modeller

They use 3D content production to produce in-game assets as three-dimensional models, bringing characters and objects to life. If you pursue this career in India, the average salary is 5 lakhs annually.

Script Writer

Like film writers, you can also become a video game script writer with a strong command of language, articulation, and expression of storyline and characters. A video game script writer develops a video game's storyline, character descriptions, tutorials, and all of the gamer's actions in the gameplay. A leading website quotes that a script writer's average annual salary in India is 3.5 lakhs.


With the increased development in the field of science and technology, the gaming industry is also gaining fast momentum. Besides researching and developing or modifying gaming patterns, several individuals use gaming techniques to enable entrepreneurial positions in the gaming marketplace.

Thus, if you have a fire burning in you to be associated with the gaming world, its high time you apply to colleges offering B.Sc in Game Development as it will aid you with skills and knowledge to create and design compelling games for multiple gaming applications, including triple-A, serious, casual and mobile games, by utilising industry-standard tools and software.