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Data Analytics for Pharmaceutical Calculations


What is Data Science and Analytics?

Data science is a multidisciplinary blend of inference on data, development of algorithm and technology to solve complex problems analytically. Data science is a process of using data to generate business values. It includes mining large amounts of structured and unstructured data in order to identify patterns defining business rules.

Data Analytics is a part of data science and plays a major role in data science. It collects, organises data and also obtain statistical information. It applies algorithm or a process to derive conclusions about data. It focuses on deriving inference or conclusions about data based on Apriori knowledge of researcher.

Required Skillset for Data Analyst / Junior Data Scientists

  •  Analytical skill
  •  Numeracy skill
  •  Technical and Computer skill
  •  Attention to details
  •  Business skills
  •  Communication skills

Data Analytics for Pharmaceutical Calculations

Pharmacy plays an important role in health care system. Pharmacy is the science of preparing and dispensing drugs, it is a profession which links health science and chemical science. It ensures effective use of pharmaceutical drugs to cure or prevent diseases. The process of pharmaceutical drug manufacturing includes milling, granulation, coating, tablet pressing and others.

Before actual drug manufacture, there is lot of pre-work need to be done. Major effort goes into actual formulation of drug in which scientists evaluate compound for its stability, uniformity and so on. After this evaluation, drug will be developed in the required form such as solid, semi-solid, tablet or capsule and so on.

To prepare pharmaceutical drug in the required form, its dosage, chemical ingredients are very important. Accurate and exact proportion of chemical ingredients has to be calculated and formulated before manufacturing particular drug. This pharmaceutical calculation is very important and complex phase. These calculations can be performed in a traditional way or the specialized way. The pharmaceutical calculations include –

  •  Drug substances, pharmaceutical ingredients and their Chemical/physical properties.
  •  Rate of absorption, bodily distribution, metabolism and excretion or drug (pharmacokinetics) and other body activities.
  •  Statistical data out of research and clinical drug studies.
  •  Development and formulation of Pharmaceutical product.
  •  Prescriptions and medication orders.
  •  Other areas like Pharmacoeconomics.

This pharmaceutical drug includes both medicinal and non-medicinal materials. The medicinal components include active therapeutic ingredients (ATIs). Non-medicinal materials are included in production of pharmaceutical drugs in required quantities, physical form, chemical / physical stability, price, rate of production, appearance and taste. Irrespective of setting in which these drugs are manufactured, calculations are engaged to achieve quality standards but difference is in the scale. These preparation of different dosage of drug depends on accurate calculation, measurement, verification and labelling the quantities of ingredients. But, sometimes these calculations are complex and demand for accuracy. Hence it is difficult and time consuming to do it manually. Also, vital errors can occur due to human errors which will result in chaos.

To help pharmacists in these calculations there is a need for computer aided system which can perform these calculations with speed and accuracy. One such attempt to develop such computer aided system can be done using Statistical Data Analytics.