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Growing influence of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing


Have you ever tried to run a crazy formula on an excel sheet, while trying to calculate the ROI of your media campaign? To design a creative formula to connect with the right audience while micro-managing a campaign on social media? That usually leaves people thinking that they are in a vast expanse of gray, unable to hit either pole of black and white.

Imagine the world where Artificial Intelligence does all the above, and more, seamlessly. Where it helps you understand your customers better by looking beyond the industry trends.

Though we might not have noticed it, AI has gradually seeped into our daily lives by influencing our abilities and activities. From recommending favorite YouTube videos by studying our viewing pattern to offering suggested searches.

Although our generic understanding of AI is largely influenced by the narratives from movies like the Matrix, I or Iron Man. However, experiencing its impact in real life is a different story altogether.

It is not just a technology that is powered by behavioral algorithms, but also which displays high technical understanding and has the ability to make decisions and connect with human emotion. It mirrors the capabilities of humans, so impeccably, which makes its existence almost poetic.

AI is growing at an exponential rate. It is able to read any human behavior and mimic that, without being automated to do so. It will eventually start to rewrite its own programming, making the next generation of AI adaptive, self-learning and intuitive.

According to Moore’s law, technology’s capacity doubles every year and so does human knowledge. The human brain has 100 billion neurons. Which is not sufficient to fathom so much information at once. What if AI that has 10 times more neurons built into it, manages all this information? It will not only bring revolutionary changes in human lives but in businesses as well – big or small. And that is exactly what has started to take shape following the AI phenomenon.

It also has brought a major transformation in the digital marketing domain by optimizing advertising efforts and results.

AI allows us to use simple recommendations to look outside the pigeonhole and help us study the trends allowing for better and persuasive advertising.

We are now able to understand who the target audience is, where they are from, what they like, what they don’t like, etc. Also, the medium of advertising they prefer, the kind of content they share, and the changing industry trends.

We can now use all this information and come out with many permutations and combinations of an advertisement for an ad campaign within the shortest duration. This self-learning and adaptive genius could eventually evolve to even start writing its own copy for ads. Giving us the perfect mix of creativity and technology.