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How will Studying BBA Benefit your career?


In India, a Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is one of the best known and most sought-after undergraduate courses for those seeking to advance their careers in management. However, following the crowd is often never the correct way of doing it. Let’s understand why BBA is the right choice to pursue post your 12th examinations.

Below listed are some of the many advantages of BBA program:


  1. Helps Develop Managerial Skills: A BBA degree provides a good headstart for candidates who wish to develop managerial skills. The course takes students through the core areas of management including Marketing, Sales, Strategy management, etc., along with the key areas such as finance and economics.


  1. Industry- Oriented Course: BBA courses are very well adapted to train students as per industry requirements. They provide an excellent combination of practical and theoretical knowledge. Many well-established companies and start-ups seek graduates with a BBA qualification as they are required to carry out a range of responsibilities in an organization.


  1. Open Job Market and Scope for Growth: As BBA graduates are designed to fit into a variety of roles in an organization, they have plenty of job opportunities available in the market. In addition to this, this course is also well suited for students who aspire to be entrepreneurs or manage their family business. The starting salary of a BBA graduate working on executive-level posts can range between INR 2.5- INR 4 Lakh Per Annum. Experienced candidates are appointed at higher positions such as Associates and Asst. Managers and can see significant salary gains in the field.


  1. A Thorough Professional Course: The BBA course duration is for 3-year, unlike many other professional courses available at the undergraduate level, such as B.Tech. Furthermore, a 4 year- Integrated BBA + MBA course is also provided at some universities. This course provides candidates with an extra academic year and allows that much freedom to gain work experience through internship or plan/prepare for their postgraduate study, which is extremely valuable.


  1. Great Foundation Course for MBA: A BBA degree is an excellent foundation for an MBA course. The basics for business administration, management knowledge, and practical skills gained by a student in BBA help provide them with an excellent stepping stone for pursuing an MBA. Students who pursue an MBA after BBA generally have a better understanding of the management course which can work to their advantage.


  1. Early Start to Your Career: One of the main advantages of a BBA degree is that it allows students have an early start to their careers. BBA graduates tend to find a job much quicker and at a higher salary than Bachelor graduates from other streams. It is possible to finish your graduate degree and immediately start working, without having to wait for the completion of your postgraduate studies after doing a BBA.


  1. Stronger Network: Since communication is at the core of a BBA degree, it helps to build a strong network of professionals once these key skills are achieved. Since it is possible to start one’s career earlier than most other Bachelor’s degree holders, it provides professionals more time to build a solid network, which can prove very advantageous in the future.

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