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Liberal Education, a new era in Indian education


In today’s dynamic scenario, with the workforce getting more complex and competitive, being a master of a single trait is surely not enough. The students need to prepare themselves for a lucrative high demand career. One such degree that will provide you with the opportunity to achieve this interdisciplinary knowledge, skills, and experience is the degree of liberal education.

If you want to pursue a degree in this field and want to choose the best for you, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) is the place where you need to be. The University has introduced “School of Creative Liberal Education” and it is the first school in India that concentrates on Learners Transformative Evolution. In Jain (Deemed-to-be University), the liberal education curriculum is designed in an updated, modernized way that acknowledges the nations new age young minds known as the millennials

For a Long time, Indian education system was rigid and students had to choose only traditional streams like science, engineering, medical, commerce or law. But Liberal education is the new era of education in India. This degree prepares students in such a way that allows them to choose biology with literature, psychology with economics, history with mathematics, and data science with language, etc.  The liberal education program and curriculum of Jain (Deemed-to-be University) cover all topics and concepts that enable the students for in-depth learning, and as they choose their subject of specialization the students gain constructive paradigm, develop ideas from many angles while exploring new and exciting topics.

 The multidisciplinary approach of the liberal education equips the students in such a holistic way, that once the degree is completed the students develop a broad spectrum of knowledge that prepares them to face all challenges of the industry. The placement opportunities become higher even at a global level, as this degree not only enhances academic intelligence but develops talent, creativity, critical thinking, ethics, integrity, confidence, problem solving abilities in students with a sense of commitment for professionalism and their socio- cultural environment.

A huge number of Indian students look for new age courses and plan to move abroad for higher studies as they want to look beyond traditional courses, due to this the Indian government has decided to invest more in research universities, liberal education and social sciences to improve the country’s position in the global ranking of universities. This has been a reviving step in the Indian education system that has provided the Indian students the platform and opportunity to remain back in India and pursue such a globally favored interdisciplinary degree like the liberal education.

One such top- ranked university in India is Jain (Deemed-to-be University) a cerebral destination for students across the world and Bangalore in particular, for its illustrious history of academic excellence and holistic development that it instills in the students. A hub for learning in every sense of the word. Known for its glorifying academic atmosphere which has some of the best minds in the educational and research fields, and centers that inspire entrepreneurship, research, and sports. Situated in Bangalore the Silicon Valley of India the university offers the most conducive environment for learning and growth.

With the guidance of the best mentors such as highly dignified Prof. Indira Parikh, who is the pioneer of Liberal Education in India, is now Principal Mentor, of School of Creative Liberal Education at Jain (Deemed-to-be University). Thus a degree of Liberal Education from Jain (Deemed-to-be University) will open a plethora of career opportunities such as journalism, public relations, writing, law, politics, publishing, social work, psychology, management, public policy, civil services, marketing, academics, research – and a lot higher future prospects, thus preparing students to face even global challenges with courage and confidence.