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Making Students Industry-Ready Through Customized Internship Programs


Internship programs are an integral part in the successful completion of any academic journey we all study for a purpose; to earn our livelihoods and internships eases our way of making a successful career.

Internships make us industry ready, and with this aim in mind, most educational institutions offer customized internships to their students specific to the course and programs they are pursuing. The majority of these internship programs are conducted in the pre-final and final semesters of the academic course of the students, this way they get to spend some quality time in a real-time industry environment with the industry stalwarts and get the exposure to learn and understand trending aspects of the industry, get hands-on experience in real-time business scenarios and thereby develop both theoretical and practical acumen.

Importance of internship programs offered by educational institutions

Almost every leading university offers internship programs to their students; a feature that is appreciated by teachers, parents, and students alike. Moreover, recruiters prefer students with internship experience as they are more industry-ready than the rest. Here we have listed the academic importance of industry-specific internship programs.

  • Internships comprise an important part of the academic curriculum of every university in imparting hands-on experience in the theories the student has learned.
  • In their pre-final and final years, students are placed within top corporations where they have the opportunity to work on real-world projects while rubbing shoulders with the best in the field.
  • In their pre-final and final year, students are given the opportunity to intern in corporations with real-time hand on experience in conducting live projects under the supervision of industry experts for at least 2-4 months, this exposure gives students an upper hand during the final recruitment.
  • Summer internships are strongly encouraged during the summer and winter breaks of the second and third years of a student's studies. This way they make the best utilization of their free time.
  • Customized Internship programs provide students the exposure to learn the latest trends happening in that industry and experience the usage of industry-specific tools and technologies if required.
  • Internships introduce students to the real professional world where they are exposed to real-time business problems and find their solutions in real-time.
  • Students demonstrate optimal productivity on the first day of their corporate careers by adapting to the industry/corporate environment comparatively faster than their peers due to their previous experience during their internship.
  • Customized Internship programs offered by institutions likeJAIN (Deemed-to-be University) have been appreciated by blue-collared corporates and industries both domestic and international.
  • Organizations of global repute prefer to hire professionals who have completed a comprehensive internship in their academic journey for a substantial amount of time.
  • Many students have successfully completed internships and have succeeded in converting their internships to permanent employment with big corporates based on their performance.
  • Students who complete industry internships are prepared for completely different careers including executive positions at multinational corporations, business development roles at start-up companies, and leadership positions at non-governmental organizations.