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Misconceptions about BBA Course That We Should Avoid


Are you interested in stepping into the world of business but unsure of where to begin?

Well, you have made a great career choice, and to achieve your goal, you must pursue the BBA degree, or Bachelor of Business Administration degree. It is one of the leading undergraduate courses in India. If you are someone who wants to enter the professional world, we recommend you go for the prestigious BBA degree from a top-reputed business school in India.

This brings you to another aspect of pursuing a BBA programme, i.e., dealing with common myths and misconceptions about this course, which you have often heard of. Sometimes these misconceptions can hinder your career choices and divert you from your end objectives. Therefore, in this article, we have busted some common myths and misconceptions related to the BBA course. Come, let's explore!

Myth: BBA is equivalent to B.Com

Honestly, this is one of the most common myths about this course: that BBA and B.Com are the same things and one must go for the latter because this is what everyone else has been doing for decades.

Fact: While B.Com.’s curriculum revolves around the concepts of accounts and commerce, BBA is a business management degree that makes you industry-ready for different leadership and significant roles in various industries like IT, healthcare, banks, retail, aviation, etc.

Myth: BBA is only for entrepreneurs

Fact: We agree that a BBA degree prepares you for their entrepreneurial journey, but it is not necessarily designed just for that! This programme can pave the way for aspiring individuals like you who want to take on leadership or managerial positions in both domestic and international corporations and companies. Besides this, you can also work for non-profit or government organisations.

Myth: BBA is only for commerce students

Fact: How often have you heard people say that a BBA course is only for commerce students? Fairly numerous times!

However, this is not true, as BBA is an open course that is available to individuals from any stream or background, such as science, humanities, or even commerce. Although you may have to study commerce subjects in your BBA curriculum, this isn’t something you should be afraid of, as the concepts are taught and clarified from the base itself.

Myth: BBA is not a standalone undergraduate programme

Fact: A very common myth that goes around is that you have only one option left after doing your BBA course, and that is an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) programme. Although an MBA is a great career move, there are several other good courses that you can pursue post-graduation after completing your BBA (based on our area of interest), such as law, journalism, hotel or aviation management, etc.

Myth: BBA has no career scope

Fact: You must have often heard that BBA doesn’t provide lucrative job or career opportunities and that you may be limited to the job of only a sales executive. This is not true as passing out from leading business schools can get you ample opportunities to work in different roles and positions in leading corporations and organisations. You can work as market researchers, financial analysts, or even human resources executives, depending on your skills and knowledge level.

Way Forward

Some of you may still believe that pursuing a BBA degree is easier than other programmes, but it takes just the same commitment and hard work as you may invest in any other discipline. Many BBA programmes that are pursued at top universities or business schools offer specialisations in different areas such as marketing, human resources, finance, international business, etc., which allows you to focus on specific areas of interest and develop expertise.

BBA programmes are definitely more than just a theoretical experience of the business world. It offers great practical exposure for you through internships, industry visits, case studies, etc., all of which aid you in becoming future corporate leaders.

Also, like any other degree, success in any sector of the world depends on various factors such as skills, experience, networking, and personal drive. If you are interested in the exciting journey of the BBA course, you should be prepared to work hard, gain practical experience, and continuously develop your skills. Hence, keep aside all the negative thoughts, blow out the misconceptions, and hop on your much-awaited BBA journey without wasting any more time!