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Newly Created Ground for Computer Application Courses in Indian IT Sector


One of the most remarkable innovations of the 21st century is the evolution of technology. The ever-evolving and fast-paced technologies have changed the way humans communicate, interact, and function. In the last two decades technology has created a space for itself in every sector. Computers have found their way into all the areas of products and services, and the IT sector has developed its roots stronger than ever.

Over the past few decades, the IT sector has established itself as a crown jewel and plays the role of prime catalyst in the country’s development and growth in terms of economy. The sector has increased its contribution to India's GDP from 1.2% in 1998 to almost 8% in 2020 and even when the world is going through a pandemic it was able to register a better than expected growth rate. The employment opportunities generated by the industry are vast and much needed for the development of the country.

Due to the blooming of the IT sector, new ground has been created for computer application courses in the job market. Every industry seeks individuals who are well-versed with modern-day technology and computer applications. The ever-growing demand for IT professionals has made computer application courses the need of the hour. These courses provide one the right push needed to launch one’s career in the technology-driven world. Such programs are a blend of theoretical studies of computers and their application. Obtaining a degree in computer applications can open doors to various fields like software development, software testing, web designing, technical writing, quality assurance, and systems management. IT sector has a lot of scopes and it has been predicted that courses in computer applications will be benefitted the most from the same.

Computer application courses can be availed through certification, diploma, UG programs, or PG programs. These programs focus on the core fundamentals of computer applications, programming languages, and how to crack a code. Below is the classification of computer application courses:

Certificate in Computer Application (CCA): The Certificate in Computer Application or CCA is a program designed to provide students with outstanding technical skills to make them ready for industrial absorption. It is a specialized short-term course in the domain of computers and various IT applications. As a course, CCA opens doors for professions like trouble-shooter, system analyzer, DBMS manager, network designer, assistant programmer, etc.

Diploma in Computer Application (DCA): The Diploma in Computer Application or DCA is a short-term course specialized in computer applications. The course has been designed to provide in-depth knowledge of computer applications. Designed to provide scientific, practical, and technical knowledge about various computer tools that are used in day-to-day life, the course serves as a quick solution to the students who are technologically inclined and wish to make a career in the IT sector. As a course, CCA opens doors for fields like software design & engineering, networking & internetworking, database development & administration, technical writing, web & e-commerce development, graphic designing, and animation, etc.

UG Programs in Computer Application: UG courses in computer application offer various specializations through Bachelors in Computer Application or BCA. It is a popular undergraduate program among students interested in making their career in the IT sector. The total duration of the program is 3 years and includes subjects like mathematics, computer programming, computer networking, DBMS, and software engineering. The Indian IT sector which was once dominated by B.Tech and M.Tech degree holders has created a huge space for BCA candidates in recent years. Some of the career options post BCA are computer programmer, information systems manager, computer Scientist, software developer, database administrator, software publisher, computer systems analyst, IT manager, etc.

PG Programs in Computer Application: PG courses in computer application offer various specializations through Master of Computer Application or MCA. Master of Computer Applications or MCA is a specialized degree in computer science. It is a three-year-long post-graduate program, ideal for students who want to learn computer application development in-depth. The course offers a blend of both theoretical and practical knowledge. MCA as a degree teaches students the usage of different tools that help in developing more functional and faster computer applications and software. Some of the top job profiles include application developer, business analyst, database engineer, ethical hacker, software tester, technical writer, and web designer.

Apart from the above-mentioned classifications, one can also pursue Ph.D. in Computer Application to gain advanced knowledge in computer application and information technology.

About JAIN (Deemed-to-be University)

JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) offers various UG and PG programs in computer application to choose from that are contemporary and industry-driven.

As a part of the BCA program it offers specialization in artificial intelligence, cloud technology, and information security, cybersecurity program, data analytics, intelligent process automation, Internet of Things, mobile application and information security, mobile application and cloud technology, and user interface and user experience.

As a part of the MCA program, it offers specialization in information security and storage and cloud technology. And as a part of MCA with electives, it offers specialization in networking, storage area networks, data warehousing, and business intelligence and data mining, software maintenance, and testing, database administration.