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What should you do before going to campus interview?



University placement cell

It is the first place for us to learn the rudiments of the corporate world. One small step here is the headway towards a demonstrative success. Although scores in the exam play a crucial role in our curriculum, the campus interviews lay foundations to kickstart the professional journey. The campus interviews scrutinize us on various parameters. They may include but may not restrict to aptitude, logical reasoning, strategic approach and intellectual skills. It's not about 'how to attend an interview' but 'how we express our thoughts as an ideology'.


It's all about us and the aggregates that make us unique:

Many of us view campus placements as a stressful phase. Some of us love to structure our creativity and aptitude in advance. The others, however, may not prefer keeping things ready beforehand. Some pieces of preparations are necessary as campus placement decides how punctual we are in our efforts.

  • It is how we start:
    As obvious as it sounds, we chose this institute setting its placement services as a primitive criterion. It's necessary to start by interacting with senior students. It allows us to differentiate between chapters of various levels of difficulty. Secondly, we should approach our faculty members to find out the technicalities of the interview. We can go ahead to verify our strengths against the job profile. There are many reasons why verification is necessary. We may carry multiple offers in hand. And if we wish to prefer the firm that fits our criteria most snugly, it's important to map our strengths.
  • Now comes the company's details:
    Each company specifies its mission, vision and objectives. When we posit ourselves into the recruiter's shoes, we realize what it takes to zero our quest for the right candidate. We should study the philosophy of the firm and its 'About us' section. It's where the most fruitful journeys start to end with the right benchmark. We must study the most salient features that set the firm different from the competitors. The timeline of an organization plays a pivotal part in shaping its overall success. As we poise over the characteristics of a firm, half of our insights become clear and reasonable.
  • Our aptitude and personage should interconnect:
    Once we become thorough with the company's credentials, we must strike up a conversation with ourselves. We should interact with our next of kin and check the way we start and end our sentences. We should prefer the sentences that depict professionalism. And we must learn to avoid the fillers like 'Uh' or 'Oh'. It's a prerequisite that our posture is steady and our shoulders don't slump as we sit and get up.
  • Group discussions, a set of thoughts and one ideology:
    We should be clear in our thoughts, concise in our statements and articulate in the way we present ourselves. Our voice should carry clarity and define the ideas optimistically. Our tonality should be clean yet not rough. Although confidence is necessary to express ourselves, we must not behave informally or rashly. We should avoid casual and informal ways of posture as we arrive or leave the GD venue. Our words should communicate our ideology without complicating our thoughts while we verbalize them. We should follow a formal pattern in each round.