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Why Choose BBA in Finance and Accounting to Start your Business Career?


Over the past few years, the Indian economy has been witnessing transformation at an extensive level. With the emergence of digital payments, e-commerce companies, net banking, cryptocurrencies, etc. the game has changed entirely for the financial sector. Finance is the pillar of any economy, which makes the finance sector always stand on the top. In simple words, accounting and finance incorporate money-related knowledge and processes concerning business and management. In unison, they deal with a broad spectrum of institutional and organizational functions of reporting, calculating, and evaluating. Accounting focuses on analyzing financial information and recording financial transactions of an individual or an organization, and finance concentrates on managing money and the funds of a business or an individual. The domain is no longer what it used to be traditionally, and modern aspects like forensic and predictive analysis have replaced the traditional book-keeping, creating a scope to learn and explore a wide range of techniques and processes associated with the domain.

The changing trends and crucial functional areas of accounting and finance make it one the most popular choices among students, especially when they are looking for a professional course like Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). It is a three-year-long undergraduate degree program, ideal for students aspiring to help businesses thrive with the help of their arithmetic and analytical skills. The course content of BBA in Finance and Accounting introduces students to management accounting, accounting standards, the functioning of financial markets, and decision-making processes based on financial analysis.

The Key Benefits of Pursuing BBA in Finance and Accounting:

Professional Degree: It is a professional degree that is well-suited for students interested in building careers in finance and accounting. Students can acquire jobs in reputed companies right after graduating with their BBA degrees. Students with BBA in Finance and Accounting tend to find jobs more quickly and easily compared to their peers with a traditional graduation degree. The course provides ample time to learn management. The three-year-long program teaches students the fundamentals of financial management, intending to make them industry-ready professionals. You need not wait until you acquire your master’s degree to start working.

Overall Skill Development: In addition to providing an understanding of accounting practices, principles, finance, and industry BBA in Finance and Accounting offers a blend of knowledge and skills which can make you survive and flourish in any industry. There are specific skills that the degree delivers throughout the course, and these skills include numerical skills, aptitude skills, communication skills, awareness, negotiation, and persuasion skills.

In Alignment with Market Needs: In the current job market scenario, many companies offer opportunities for young graduates. With the emergence of start-ups and SMEs, the corporate world is witnessing dynamic change. These new companies prefer talented and skilled professionals with adequate knowledge of finance and accounting. Students with BBA in Finance and Accounting find the job market to be an appropriate place to get desired jobs. They can start their career at an entry-level and reach a higher level eventually by gaining relevant work experience and core skills. If you pursue BBA in Finance and Accounting, your employment prospects will be better. The corporate world is booming, creating a high and diverse demand for candidates with BBA in Finance and Accounting. Choosing this specialization will enable you to develop the skills needed to work in a profession that remains in high demand constantly. Irrespective of the industry type, all the companies require accounts and finance professionals to manage their finances.

Financially-Rewarding Career Prospects: Though many would not admit it, money is the most crucial factor why people work. When you pursue BBA in Finance and Accounting, you develop strong chances of being hired on a lucrative pay scale upon completing the program. Many big companies prefer BBA graduates; you need not worry much about the salary part. The BBA degree increases your chances of having more job opportunities and earning more money.

Networking: BBA being a professional degree allows most students to start working in the professional world. It will enable you to have a great network of people working in various organizations. These people can be helpful regarding better jobs and more networking opportunities. Networking is the best way to explore new and better opportunities. Since BBA in Finance and Accounting enables you to start your career much earlier, you get more time to meet with new people from the finance and accounting domain and build a strong network.

Inculcates Business Skills: Career opportunities and pay scale are highly dependent on the skills that you learn during your professional course as a student and this serves as the best reason as to why you should go ahead with BBA in Finance and Marketing. The course helps you gain core knowledge of business and management while simultaneously teaching you accounting processes and financial planning. The demand for such skills is high, and therefore this course tops many other professional degrees. In addition to giving you specialized training in finance and accounting, it polishes your managerial, analytical, and communication skills. These qualities elevate your value for various job roles in the domain.

Stepping Stone to Higher Studies: Many students pursue BBA Finance and Accounting not to get a job, but to develop a foundation for higher studies; especially MBA. BBA is known to be the foundation course for MBA. Students from all the streams can pursue MBA, but if you are a BBA graduate, you’ll do better than others. Students with a BBA in Finance and Accounting also go for master’s degrees in economics, finance, accounting, etc.

On-Trend: It is always advisable to remain updated, especially about the latest knowledge and market trends. BBA in Finance and Accounting updates students with new trends in business and finance. The course is revised constantly according to the latest trends and developments in the industry. From best industry practices to the use of technology, BBA in Finance and Accounting covers all.